Do I Need a Rekluse Clutch on my Dirt Bike?

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An auto clutch can help beginner riders prevent stalling and learn the basics of dirt bike riding. But what actually is an auto clutch or a Rekluse clutch? And do you need one on your dirt bike?

A Rekluse auto clutch is a clutch that automatically engages and disengages by a centrifugal force driven by the higher and lower RPMs of the motor. An auto clutch eliminates engine stalling and the use of the clutch lever becomes optional when you ride your dirt bike.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about auto clutches. We will explain what a Rekluse clutch is and how to decide if you need to get one.

A man riding on a dirt bike with index fingers on brake and clutch levers

What Is an Auto Clutch?

An auto clutch or a Rekluse clutch is a clutch that engages and disengages automatically so that you don’t have to worry about engine stalling. In other words, it allows you to start and stop your dirt bike without using the clutch lever.

An auto clutch replaces the entire clutch basket and the clutch plates on your dirt bike.

The main difference between a regular clutch and an auto clutch is the engagement and disengagement process.

In a regular clutch, the plates are separated by a mechanical push rod. Whereas an auto clutch uses centrifugal force driven by the engine RPMs. An auto clutch also keeps the normal push rod operation but effectively makes clutch pull optional.

Don’t let the name fool you though: an auto clutch does not mean an automatic transmission. You will still be using the clutch lever for example when shifting gears even when you have a Rekluse clutch installed. However, pulling the clutch is not necessary in many situations.

How Does a Rekluse Clutch Work?

The clutch plates are normally actuated by the clutch lever. When squeezing the clutch lever, you push the clutch levers apart to stop the plates from rotating with the engine. This happens through a clutch cable or a hydraulic clutch fluid pressure pushing a push rod inside the clutch basket and separating the rotating clutch plates.

A Rekluse auto clutch works on the principle of centrifugal force in addition to the clutch lever pull. Higher engine RPMs cause the clutch plates to engage while idling will cause the plates to disengage. This automatic function prevents the dirt bike from stalling and enables you to stop in gear without pulling the clutch in.

Starting with the auto clutch is similarly easy without using the clutch. When in gear, you increase RPMs and the clutch slowly engages.

In Rekluse clutches, this all is done with an EXP auto clutch disk. It functions as a friction disk that reacts to engine speed. Once your dirt bike hits the engagement RPM, the wedge shaped weights in the spinning EXP disk will move outward and expand the disk. By doing this, the EXP disk fills the free space between the plates and engages the clutch.

A Rekluse clutch will enable adjusting the friction point, aggressiveness, and engagement style. You can also keep using the clutch normally and let the auto clutch save you from an accidental stalling of the engine.

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A man riding on a dirt bike on a sandy trail in a forest

How To Shift With a Rekluse Clutch

Shifting gears with a Rekluse clutch happens exactly the same as you were using a normal manual clutch.

Once the dirt bike is moving and you have gained some speed and balance, shift the gears just like you would normally do with a normal clutch. The only difference comes to play at lower speeds when there is a risk at stalling.

Going over obstacles, doing slow speed cornering, and riding through technical sections may cause you to stall your dirt bike. A Rekluse auto clutch can help in these situations and make the transition easier for many riders.

A Rekluse clutch engages from idle to 1,800 RPM during normal riding. While cruising, you should keep the RPM at or above 2,500 RPM. This way, you will keep the clutch from slipping. Keep in mind that your clutch can slip if there is too little free play gain. And vice versa, too much free play gain can result in clutch drag.

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Adjusting a Rekluse Clutch

Adjusting an auto clutch is as important than adjusting a normal manual clutch.

The Rekluse clutch offers several ways for adjusting the feel and grab of the clutch. It’s important to set it properly and adjust it to find settings that work well for your riding style and terrain.

Depending on the Rekluse model you have on your dirt bike, you may be able to adjust the auto clutch externally as well as internally. The cable clutch models have both internal and external tuning options, whereas the hydraulic auto clutch models have adjustment on the push rod.

An internally adjusted auto clutch is popular among enduro and trail riders because the lever has the same feel as in a manual clutch. In addition, there is much less maintenance involved. An externally adjusted auto clutch on the other hand can be adjusted on the fly. This is convenient for riders who are hard on their clutches. Hydraulic auto clutches push rod can be adjusted with an Allen wrench through the clutch slave unit.

Since you can use the Rekluse clutch and still operate the clutch lever normally at the same time, try adjusting the manual clutch lever operation as close to normal as possible. Some riding techniques require finesse and accuracy in clutch operation and you need to start learning how to use the clutch to your advantage.

While a Rekluse clutch helps with stalling, it can also hide the rider feedback and cause issues with learning new enduro techniques. To avoid this, adjust and tune the auto clutch to match the characteristics of a manual clutch.

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A stalled dirt bike on a sandy and rocky hill

Benefits of a Rekluse Clutch

A Rekluse auto clutch has several benefits for many dirt bike riders out there.

If you’re considering getting a Rekluse clutch, we made a list of the most common benefits an auto clutch offers for trail riding.

An auto clutch is considered as an attractive option because it:

  • eliminates stalling
  • helps with learning how to use the clutch
  • reduces or prevents arm pump or arm fatigue
  • improves mental and physical functioning
  • enables disabled or injured riders to operate their dirt bike without a clutch lever.

No Stalling

Eliminating stalling is one of the main reasons why you would want to consider a Rekluse clutch.

If operating a normal manual clutch is difficult for you, an auto clutch will make it easier to ride as stalling on starts is literally impossible.

A Rekluse auto clutch also helps prevent stalling in hills and corners, on slow sections and log crossings as well as when braking hard, making shifting mistakes, or riding on more difficult technical trails.

It also helps beginner riders with learning when they can focus on balancing and using other controls of the dirt bike without constantly stalling the dirt bike.

Learn Clutch Operation Faster

For beginner riders, learning to use the clutch can be a daunting task. An auto clutch can make this learning process easier.

While the Rekluse clutch operation is automatic, beginner riders can still use the clutch normally. This eliminates stalling but still allows you to find the clutch friction point and learn how to properly modulate the clutch.

Less Arm Pump

If you experience arm pump or fatigue that doesn’t seem to go away with practice, a Rekluse clutch may be the solution for you.

Some riders experience strong arm pump when riding, sometimes because of an injury or some other physical reasons. Using an auto clutch can help with the problem since you don’t have the use the clutch that often.

A Rekluse auto clutch will eliminate or lower the need to actuate the clutch lever and therefore your arms will get more rest and you will be able to ride longer.

Less Mental and Physical Fatigue

Riding on technical terrain is both physically and mentally draining. The longer you ride, the more tired you get both physically and mentally. It gets harder to concentrate and you start making mistakes that may even result in a crash.

Having a proper dirt bike riding technique helps with this since riding is more relaxed then and you won’t get tired that easily. Nonetheless, you still might get tired mentally and physically, especially if you are a beginner rider.

A Rekluse clutch can help with reducing mental and physical fatigue while riding on the trails. It’s a great feature to keep you out on the trail for longer.

Keep Riding Despite Injuries

Since a Rekluse clutch eliminates the need for the clutch lever, this enables riders with disabilities or injuries to rethink and reconfigure their clutch lever usage.

For example, injured riders can use the clutch lever for rear brake operation or for other purposes instead and continue riding until healed.

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A man riding a dirt bike with a Rekluse clutch on a sandy trail

Disadvantages of a Rekluse Clutch

The auto clutch setup comes with few crucial caveats. Firstly, if you plan to become a better technical rider, manually modulating the clutch is a very important skill you need to learn early on. And this cannot be done with an auto clutch. Secondly, using an auto clutch drastically changes your riding style.

That being said, the biggest disadvantage of using a Rekluse clutch is related to losing the finesse with the clutch operation. And a lot can be said about how important it is to be able to work the clutch precisely and in a controlled matter.

A Rekluse clutch tends to hide or change the clutch friction point area and it also moves or changes with RPM changes. This slight variation in the friction point combined with an imprecise clutch feedback can make it difficult to learn and perform more advanced riding techniques.

The better you get at riding, the more you start realizing how important the clutch is and how you need to constantly use it to obtain traction and maneuver the dirt bike.

The most common incorrect riding techniques you can easily spot among riders using an auto clutch are related to overall cornering, the difficulty to master hard technical climbs, and lazy gear shifting.

Usually, all of the issues that are tried to be resolved with an auto clutch can be fixed with small changes in the riding position and in the dirt bike ergonomics setup as well as by learning the basic techniques to control the dirt bike.

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Who Is the Rekluse Clutch for?

Rekluse clutches can offer certain riders some advantages in different riding applications.

A Rekluse clutch can be beneficial especially for beginner dirt bike riders learning to ride and for riders with disabilities or injuries. In addition, a Rekluse clutch can help advanced riders when they want to start riding gnarlier trails.

Let’s take a closer look.

Beginner Dirt Bike Riders

Beginner riders can benefit from a Rekluse clutch since it makes learning to control the clutch much easier. If you have no previous experience in motorcycles and how to operate a manual clutch, you may want to consider a dirt bike with a Rekluse clutch or add one.

For example, twisting the throttle and letting the clutch out in order to get the bike moving can be a challenge for beginner riders. With a Rekluse clutch, you don’t have to worry about the clutch. In addition, you can stop the dirt bike without using the clutch and the dirt bike will stay running in all conditions without the clutch lever being pulled. This is extremely nice features for someone learning to ride a dirt bike.

Other benefits for beginner riders include no stalling, less arm pump or upper body fatigue and easy shifting. This will enable the rider to focus on balancing and learning the basic techniques without being slowed down by learning to use the clutch.

In addition to reducing physical fatigue, an auto clutch can also reduce mental fatigue since the riders no longer need to focus as much on clutch operation. When you have one less thing to think about, you can relax more, enjoy the riding and have fun.

Hard Enduro Riders

A Rekluse clutch can help advanced riders to start tackle the more technical trail riding.

Steeper hill climbs and tighter single tracks with more obstacles often require more precise and timely clutch control as well as more stamina. An auto clutch can help you to start riding on more difficult trails and to learn the required techniques needed to complete more advanced trails.

A Rekluse clutch can offer these benefits for gnarly single tracks:

  • Traction is better in slippery conditions when a manual clutch is difficult to master.
  • Navigation is easier on technical terrain because the rider can focus on the trail instead of clutch control.
  • Operation is easy and the rider can focus on their line without stalling the dirt bike.
  • Navigation is easier on steep and technical hills when the rider doesn’t need to worry about slipping the clutch to keep the RPMs up and the bike running.
  • Navigation is easier in sketchy situations where it would be hard to get the bike started again should you kill the engine.

Usually, hard enduro and enduro riders rarely benefit from an auto clutch. In fact, they prefer the precise manual clutch control for better power delivery management and precise clutch control to maximize traction and technique.

As for hard enduro racers, a Rekluse clutch doesn’t really offer much for them. You may have seen many pro riders with a Rekluse clutch, but in real life, they only use the clutch cover for an added oil capacity, improved clutch component cooling properties, and sponsorship opportunities.

Riders With Disabilities

Disabilities and injuries can slow you down or prevent you from riding dirt bikes. Luckily, a Rekluse clutch can help riders with disabilities or injuries keep riding dirt bikes.

Some riders have a disability that makes it hard or impossible to work a manual clutch. In this case, it’s really helpful to have a dirt bike that doesn’t stall and that doesn’t require you to operate the clutch to get the bike moving.

Additionally, you can also look for electric dirt bikes as they don’t have a clutch or gears. These lightweight dirt bikes are easy to operate and can be a great option for disabled riders. A great example is Sur-Ron X.

With a Rekluse clutch installed, you can even replace the clutch lever function with other controls such as the rear brake. This flexibility along with not having to use the clutch lever at all make a difference for disabled and injured riders.

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Rekluse Clutch Options

Rekluse is currently the only manufacturer that produces auto clutches for dirt bikes. They offer three auto clutch models: RadiusCX, RadiusX, and CoreEXP 3.0.

Rekluse clutches are machine-specific. So you need to make sure that the auto clutch fits the year, make, and model of your dirt bike. The Rekluse clutch system is available for both cable and hydraulic fluid clutch operating models.

All Rekluse clutches prevent engine stalls so that you can focus on your line and not the clutch. Riding becomes enhanced, more fun and less demanding and riders can conquer more terrain.

To help you understand which Rekluse clutch works best for you, here is an introduction to all three Rekluse clutch models and their key features. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong.


The RadiusCX clutch is ranked Rekluse’s best auto clutch for dirt bikes. RadiusCX comes with everything you can wish for including the latest technology: TorqDrive friction disks, EXP auto clutch disk and Core technology. It has by far the best performance on the market. So, if you want the best of the best for your dirt bike, RadiusCX is your choice.

  • EXP, Core and TorqDrive technologies
  • Perfect power delivery at all times
  • Increased power transfer compared to OEM
  • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
  • The best lever feel of all three options
  • Improved oil flow and stability
  • Longer clutch life
Rekluse RadiusCX Clutch Kit
Rekluse RadiusCX Clutch Kit


RadiusX can be considered as a stripped version of the RadiusCX clutch. The RadiusX clutch comes with the EXP auto clutch disk and TorqDrive friction disks. That means that it doesn’t include the Core technology and the RadiusX clutch will fit in place of your OEM clutch instead. RadiusX is an ideal option for dirt bike riders who want high-quality auto clutch components with a lesser price tag.

  • EXP and TorqDrive technologies
  • Increased power transfer compared to OEM
  • Externally adjustable
  • Longer clutch life
  • Standard clutch lever function (full override)
Rekluse RadiusX Clutch Kit
Rekluse RadiusX Clutch Kit

CoreEXP 3.0

The CoreEXP 3.0 clutch is the most popular auto clutch for dirt bikes made by Rekluse. It comes with the EXP auto clutch disk along with the Core technology and it is designed to utilize OEM frictions. The newly re-designed CoreEXP 3.0 runs cooler than the older versions and provides incredibly efficient clutching. CoreEXP 3.0 is perfect for dirt bike riders who need performance but don’t need all the features of the more expensive Rekluse models.

  • EXP and Core technologies
  • Optional clutch lever use (unchanged lever feel and function)
  • Improved traction
  • Cooler operating temperatures
  • Longer clutch life
  • Superior durability
  • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
  • Manual shifting still required
  • No modification of stock parts needed in most cases
Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Clutch Kit
Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Clutch Kit

You can replace the OEM clutch cover with a Rekluse clutch cover. If it is not included in the kit, you can order it below.

Rekluse Clutch Cover
Rekluse Clutch Cover

Is a Rekluse Clutch Worth it?

It depends.

A Rekluse clutch will work well for some riders while others simply seem to hate it. We would recommend a Rekluse clutch to riders who struggle with using a normal manual clutch.

If you experience frequent stalls or difficulties with shifting or are in general having a hard time mastering the clutch, a Rekluse clutch may be worth it.

Let us address one common misconception: a Rekluse auto clutch will NOT make you a better dirt bike rider. However it may help you to get started and learn the sport.

We recommend considering a Rekluse clutch as a temporary tool in your learning process and ditching it as soon as you get more comfortable on the dirt bike.


A Rekluse clutch is a great invention and it definitely has its place in the dirt bike world.

It helps beginner riders prevent stalling and learn the basics of dirt bike riding. Or if you have injuries and you need your dirt bike to always stay running and cannot operate the manual clutch, in that case the Rekluse clutch is for you.

Before buying one, try someone else’s dirt bike with a Rekluse clutch to feel the difference in the clutch feel. This way, you know what to expect from your own bike.

Just keep in mind, a Rekluse clutch will not make you a better rider. On the contrary, it may prevent you from learning how to modulate the clutch and teach you some incorrect riding techniques.

Keep working on the clutch—or not—and see you on the trails!

Last updated: May 19, 2022