How To Measure and Mix 2-Stroke Oil Into Gas

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A 2-stroke dirt bike on a center stand idling and smoking 2-stroke oil
Two-stroke dirt bike warming up at CTOR, burning some 2-stroke oil.

If you ride two-stroke dirt bikes, you will spend quite a lot of time mixing 2-stroke oil into gas. So, what is the best way to precisely measure and mix the oil into the gas?

Measuring 2-stroke oil and mixing it with gas includes precisely measuring the amount of oil for the final amount of gas and mixing it well in a separate gas container. First, measure the amount of oil required with a measuring cup and pour it into a 2.5-gallon mixing jug. Then, fill the mixing jug from a separate 5-gallon fresh gas jug and mix to create the final premixed gas.

The 2-stroke oil is used to lubricate the engine in two-stroke dirt bikes. The oil is mixed with gas prior to adding the fuel to the gas tank or premixed. Newer fuel injected dirt bikes can also automatically mix the oil into the gas.

Next, we will explain why it is important to precisely measure the fuel / oil mix ratio. We will also explain our quick tips and methods for quickly and precisely measuring and mixing gas.

Gas / Oil Mixture Ratio Explained

How much 2-stroke oil should I use? Let’s start with the gas and oil ratio. Your dirt bike user manual will show the recommended gas and oil mix ratio. In our example, we will use a mix ratio commonly used in KTM dirt bikes, which is 60:1.

The 60:1 mix ratio means, that for every 60 portions of gas, you need to add 1 portion of oil. If you use 60 gallons of gas, you need to add 1 gallon of oil. One U.S. fluid gallon of oil equals to 128 fluid ounces.

Let’s use a more common example, a 5-gallon jug of fresh fuel.

With the same fuel / oil mixture of 60:1, the 5-gallon fresh fuel jug calls for 10.66 fluid ounces of oil.

The formula is quite simple: Take the amount of gas, for example 5 gallons, and multiple it by 128. Then divide by the mix ratio of 60. This equals to 5 x 128 / 60 = 10.66 fl oz.

Okay, still pretty damn difficult. Let’s discuss easier real life examples how to quickly and easily premix 2-stroke oil with gas.

How To Quickly Measure the Amount of 2-Stroke Oil

One of the easiest ways to measure the correct amount of oil into any amount of gas is to use a measuring cup. The measuring cup uses a pre-calculated scale for the amount of 2-stroke oil you need to add.

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On the side of the measuring cup, you select the scale with amount of gas and then pour the oil into a measuring cup to match the desired premix ratio. After that, you are ready to mix the oil in the mixing gas jug.

Mixing the 2-Stroke Oil Into the Gas

Use two separate gas jugs for fresh and premixed gas. It makes mixing easier and also prevents you from forgetting to premix the gas before pouring it into the dirt bike gas tank. We recommend getting a 5-gallon and a 2.5-gallon gas jugs.

Use rubber gloves when handling gas, as it really does eat your hands and is not safe to handle otherwise.

Mix the gas in a well ventilated area and remember to always store the gas safely.

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6 Steps on How To Mix Gas Properly

  1. Pour the 2-stroke oil into the measuring cup to match 2.5 gallons and the desired gas / oil mix ratio, for example 60:1.
  2. Pour the oil into the 2.5-gallon jug.
  3. Pour fresh gas into the 2.5-gallon jug to fill the jug.
  4. Pour some gas into the measuring cup to get all the oil out of the measuring cup and pour it into the final gas mixture.
  5. Turn the 2.5-gallon jug upside down couple of times to properly mix the oil into the gas. No need to shake and foam the gas too much. The oil mixes pretty well when pouring the gas into the 2-stroke oil already in the jug.
  6. Use the premixed gas to refill your dirt bike gas tank.


Mixing 2-stroke oil can feel like a drag sometimes but with a measuring cup, couple of jugs, and a good routine it really takes only few minutes.

Using the measuring cup makes the job very easy and it helps even when using variable amounts of gas, like when directly pumping gas into the dirt bike gas tank.

Still loving the smell of 2-stroke oil in the morning!

Last updated: July 15th, 2022