How To Modify Dirt Bike Pants for Hot Weather

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Rider wearing dirt bike pants in hot weather sitting on a dirt bike

Blistering heat and trail riding in hot weather calls for lightweight protective gear, that are well ventilated. Dirt bike gear comes in various protection levels, but when it comes to hot weather, choosing the right type of dirt bike pants and jerseys can make a big difference. Did you know you can increase the ventilation and airflow in your current dirt bike pants to make them more suitable for hot weather?

To increase the airflow or ventilation in your dirt bike pants, cut the inner mesh material out. Many dirt bike pants include a mesh or fabric inside the pants, but this material can restrict airflow and make the pants feel hotter in blistering hot three digit weather.

In this article we focus on making your existing dirt bike pants ready for hot weather trail riding. We explain how to cut your pants inner lining mesh material for increased airflow and share few other tips on how to keep riding during hot summer time. Let’s get started.

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Why Remove The Mesh Material Inside Dirt Bike Pants?

The mesh material or inner liner inside the dirt bike pants is designed to ease putting on the pants and also to keep the outer material away from direct skin contact. Some manufacturers claim that the mesh material will increase airflow or help keep you cooler.

In most pants that we have tested, the mesh material is simply restricting the airflow. Most mesh materials are made of plastic or similar synthetic components and are not effectively working to cool the pants down. More over they add another layer that traps air inside the pants.

Cutting the inner liner out from the dirt pants will increase the airflow. The difference is very noticeable and doesn’t make the pants any more uncomfortable or more difficult to put on or take off. Next, let’s look at how to remove the inner lining.

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How To Cut The Inner Lining Out From Dirt Bike Pants

Start by cutting the mesh out from the knee area. Be careful not to cut into the seam and damaging the pant material. The mesh material is soft and usually doesn’t cause chafing so you can leave about 1/8″ or 3mm wide mesh strip from the seam.

Cutting dirt bike pants for hot weather by removing the mesh material inside the pants with scissors

Continue cutting towards the upper part of the pants next to the waist line. You can leave or cut the hip padding velcro and the sizing or product information tags also for maximum airflow.

Cutting the dirt bike pant inner mesh material along the waist line with scissors

Cut the mesh material close to the waist line around the pants. Avoid cutting into the seam or the outer thicker pant material.

Dirt bike pants with mesh inner liner is cut off

Ready cut pants above. The inner lining or mesh is completely removed for maximum airflow.

What To Look For In Dirt Bike Pants For Hot Weather?

If you’re in the market for new dirt bike pants that work well in hot climate, you should look at the following characteristics:

  • Overall weight of the dirt bike pants.
  • Material thickness and types of materials used.
  • Type of mesh or perforated materials used for increased airflow.

The first thing that usually gives a good overall understanding on how hot the pants would be is simply the overall weight of the pants. The weight usually indicates how well the pants are able to move the inside heat to the outside of the pants. If you have several layers and thick, non breathing materials, the pants will not be as effective in cooling than more lightweight materials.

If the dirt bike pants have a weather resistant or water proof layer or qualities, they are most likely much hotter and not offering much airflow.

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Look for the airflow in the pants. Raise the pants and try to look through the pants into the store lighting or into the sun. If you cannot see any mesh or perforated materials, they’re not ideal for very hot weather. Good hot weather pants will have plenty of perforated and lightweight thin materials that support maximum airflow through your body.


Riding dirt bikes in hot weather can quickly wear you out. With a set of good breathable gear, even hot days are worth riding.

The best lightweight dirt bike pants work well in hot weather. If you want to make them even more breathable, cut the inside lining or mesh material out. This will further increase the airflow inside the dirt bike pants and make them even more comfortable for the three digit dirt bike ride days.

Still, keeping it cool!

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Last updated: July 28th, 2022