Surron X Hands-on Review: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

In this review, I will tell my first hand experiences testing out the Surron X, a popular lightweight electric bike best described as a mix between a full size dirt bike and a mountain bike.

I had a chance to throughly test both a stock and a tuned up version on the trails. The tuned version came with an upgraded higher capacity battery and an updated motor controller combined with an improved front end suspension and upgraded tires.

Surron X is a full electric dirt bike. This popular electric model features a lightweight forged aluminum frame with a powerful 6KW electric motor. Furthermore, a rechargeable and removable Panasonic Lithium ion battery offers few hours of trail riding and charges to full in about three hours.

Let’s get started.

Surron X on a tarmac with rider pulling a wheelie
The Surron X is easy to ride and when upgraded, very fast and nimble electric dirt bike.


The Surron X, also known as SUR-RON X Light Bee, or Surron eBike, is a lightweight electric dirt bike.

In other words, it is like a hybrid between a dirt bike and a mountain bike. Surprisingly, it combines the best from both worlds.

Made by a Chinese manufacturer, this ebike is widely available with several resellers here in the North American markets. Spare parts and upgrades are fairly easy to find, and currently these models are the most popular choice on the trails.

Other electric dirt bikes in this category include Sur Ron Storm Bee (check review here), Stark Varg (check review here) and KTM Freeride, and Beta Explorer (check review here).

Technical Details

The Surron X is an electric dirt bike that boasts impressive technical specifications. Overall, it weights approximately 124lbs, and it is relatively lightweight compared to its gas-powered counterparts. The bike is powered by a 60V/32Ah lithium battery pack, which delivers a top speed of up to 47 mph or 73kmh. It does have a weight limit of 220lbs, making it suitable for riders of various sizes.

The maximum range of up to 60 miles on a single charge makes it perfect for off-road enthusiasts who enjoy longer rides. Additionally, the relatively low seat height of 33-34 inches provides a comfortable riding position for most riders. It also features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, hydraulic brakes, and inverted front forks, which provide excellent handling and control on any terrain.

Overall, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance electric option that is both powerful and lightweight. The closest competitor is the new Beta Explorer which mainly matches in price and technical details.

Power3kW, Peak power: 6kW, lithium battery
Torque35.40Nm, measured at motor axle
Range20 to 60 miles per charge
Charging Time2.5 to 3.5 hours
Top Speed47mph or 73kmh
Seat Height33 to 34″ (84 to 88cm)
Ground Clearance270mm
TiresFront/Rear 70/100-19
Weight124lbs with stock battery (20lbs)
Technical details of the popular Surron X Light Bee.


Chassis diagram of Sur-ron X Light Bee with detailed parts on a exploded drawing
Chassis components and frame design helps keep the model lightweight and modular to support upgrades.

The Surron X is using a pressure forged aluminum chassis with an aluminum alloy swing arm for a lightweight and durable construction. Additionally, the front fork is an inverted with about 8″ of travel. The triple trees are common with many mountain bikes and use a similar axle design.

The owner’s manual explains few of the features well.

Few things to note: The side stand has a kill switch. This prevents the bike from giving power when the side stand is down. A common feature in street bikes and still easy to forget. You also need to wait few seconds when powering on and twisting the throttle to let the computers to run its initial calibration.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the model is equipped with a headlight, a rear light, and a horn, so it can be made street legal with ease. Check other street legal dirt bikes here.

Surron X Review

When you order the bike online, it is delivered in a box requiring final assembly. Fear not, it is not hard at all and requires no special skills.

Unboxing and Assembly

The box includes all tools needed for the assembly with instructions. Additionally, you can easily follow this great unboxing and assembly video for more details.

Putting the bike together is a fairly simple process. In case you’re wondering, you really do not need any special skills or tools to finalize the assembly. The package comes with the electric dirt bike mostly assembled and should take less than 30 minutes to finish.

The rear wheel is already installed. Furthermore, the only parts you need to install is the front end with the front wheel, handlebars, forward controls, headlight, and the display. Finally, you need to install the foot pegs and recharge the battery and you are good to go!

First Impressions

The form factor and chassis reminds me more of a mountain bike than a dirt bike. Surprisingly, the front end is identical to a mountain bike and the handlebar feels like in a high-end mountain bike. It’s a good feeling.

The chassis is narrow and lightweight aluminum and it makes the eBike feel overall very light. The Surron X weights around 104lbs without the battery and the stock battery adds another 20lbs, totaling the overall weight to 124lbs.

Forward controls include rear brake level on the left and front brake lever on the right. As a result, both engage a 4-piston disc brake. Other controls include a large speedometer that includes odometer, trip meter, and total distance. You can also toggle the menu to view the current battery charge.

Ebike on tarmac with a rider sitting on top holding on to the handlebars
The bike is easy to assemble and ready to ride after a quick 30 minute assembly.

You also have a switch on the left hand side, which works as a power mode selector between ECO and SPORT mode, and a separate horn.

The dirt bike comes with a key that powers it on and also is used to lock the replaceable battery in place.

Test Ride

Blasting trails with the Surron X is a great experience. I have tested several electric cars, mountain bikes, scooters, and one wheels but this one is by far the most fun I have had with any electric powered vehicle.

Powering on the bike is simple. Simply, turn the key on, wait a few seconds for the controller to cycle, and power on. Next, switch the display lights on and you are ready to go.

After getting used to the throttle response and new lever configuration, the first feeling is similar to a trials bike or a mix between a mountain bike and a trials bike. Furthermore, it feels very light, narrow, and very easy to balance with.

Rider adjusting front suspension clickers on an electric dirt bike
The front suspension can be adjusted with clickers on the top of each fork leg.

Overall this dirt bike is easy to control and the motor feels strong enough to easily pull a slow wheelie. During the test, the suspension felt very soft and needed to be tweaked to my weight and riding style. I used the front fork clickers to stiffen both the compression and the rebound until the suspension had enough dampening.

Trail Test

Next, we took these eBikes to a local trail and put them to the test.

The experience reminds me more of mountain bikes than dirt bikes. This is mainly because the handlebars, forward controls, and lack of the engine noise is very similar to a mountain bike. The overall lightweight and narrow chassis makes the bike very nimble and fast.

Cornering, especially maintaining momentum throughout the corner, is easy and very predictable, at least in good dry conditions. The stock forks do feel a little slow or maybe too soft and would benefit from a better dampening for more advanced riders.


The throttle response needs improving. There is a noticeable delay or slack on the throttle. When you get on the gas, I am used to an immediate raw power that comes on immediately when using the clutch and flywheel in gas powered dirt bikes.

This is completely different with the stock model. I had to teach myself to get on the gas about 1 seconds sooner. The power also comes on slower and is more mellow. It was specifically noticeable when braking hard and getting on the gas. Surprisingly, I almost went over the handlebars the first time I was cornering while waiting for that power to come on and leaning too much forward. This feeling never fully went away and would be the first thing I would fix on the eBike.

Surron X resting on a side stand on a single track

Overcoming obstacles, roots, and rocks is easy with this eBike. Basically, after learning how to use the power in combination with the brakes, things got easier. Additionally, using the rear brake with your left hand enables fine tuning the power delivery and helps to increase traction.

Last year, I had a chance to ride behind a skilled rider with a tuned SurRon on a very technical single track. Surprisingly, he was very fast around the slower sections and cornering to a point that I really struggled keeping up with him on my gas dirt bike. The only places where I was catching up were faster straight sections over a grass pastures when his bike was limited with its maximum pace.

Top Speed

The Surron X has a top speed of 47mph, which is very well adequate for most trail riding. Bypassing the max power and limiter is easy by cutting a wire in the controller, however, most beginner riders really would not even need to do that. If you ride single track, the max speed should not really matter. Riding over 50mph rarely happen in most trails, but more power is always welcome.


I also tested the same eBike with few important upgrades. First of all, I like how the stock model can be upgraded with many aftermarket parts. And that they have opted to use parts from mountain bikes, such as the triple trees, handlebars, and other front fork parts. This makes it easy to configure and upgrade to your liking.

The tuned version had upgraded battery, controller, upgraded front forks, and tires.

First of all, the throttle response is where it needs to be. Using the new controller, the throttle response was crisp and had basically no delay. This made throttle use much more predictable and easier.

The upgraded suspension together with a new trials style tire choice definitely made the Surron X much more fitted to my riding style. The stock front forks felt too slow to response to some repeated heavy bumps and felt frequently like bottoming out. Basically, this feeling was completely gone with the upgraded suspension and it made the eBike float over any bumps with ease.

All in all, I would like to take the tuned version to some very technical and hard terrain with big climbs to fully test the capability of these electric dirt bikes and how well it would perform without clutch and gears.

Overall the difference is noticeable compared to the stock version and if you are an advanced rider, be prepared to upgrade at least the suspension to enjoy this eBike to the fullest.

Review Summary

Overall, I like the Surron X.

For $4400, this electric dirt bike is impressive. The Sur Ron battery life, power, range, and handling is up to par, and overall this eBike performs well. It is a great beginner bike as is and with small upgrades a great bike for all riders.

FeatureOverall 4 / 5 ★★★★★
Price ★★★★★
Review summary by feature.


  • Price
  • Range
  • Weight
  • Top speed
  • Aftermarket parts availability
  • Fun factor


  • Front forks need to be upgraded for advanced riders
  • Throttle response needs tweaking (needs a controller or tuner)
  • Stock foot pegs are small
  • Brakes could be better


The Surron X is an exciting eBike. The silent operation enables hitting nearby dirt trails that are usually not accessible to gas operated versions. As a result, this eBike is a great choice for all beginner riders wanting to get into dirt riding and a great option to build on for advanced riders.

Overall, I like the performance and ease of use. I like the accessibility to aftermarket parts and the upgradeability makes this one last for years to come as you improve your riding skills. Generally speaking, advanced riders will want to upgrade suspension and tune the motor to their liking, which is easy thanks to several options out on the market.

If you end up buying one, don’t forget to personalize your new purchase with a new dirt bike graphics kit.

My next purchase might definitely be electric.