Top Picks for Dirt Bike Gear, Tools and Accessories

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As an avid dirt biker, I have had the opportunity to test out a variety of products and gear over the years. After careful consideration, I have narrowed down my top picks and want to share them with you.

Each product on this page has been personally tested by me and I can vouch for their quality and effectiveness. These products are sure to enhance your dirt biking experience. So without further ado, let’s dive into my favorite products!

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Riding Gear

As an active dirt rider myself, I’m excited to share my personal recommendations for the best riding gear on this page. I have had the opportunity to test out a lot of different riding gear. Based on my experience, I would recommend looking for gear that offers a balance of protection, comfort, and style.

I’ve had some great personal experiences with these products and believe they offer the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and style. With my passion for riding and experience testing out different gear, I hope my recommendations can help others find the best gear for their own riding adventures.

The Fidlock chin strap is a nice feature in KLIM helmets

Helmet: KLIM F3 Carbon Helmet

The KLIM F3 Carbon Helmet is an excellent choice for dirt bike riders looking for a maximum cooling and light weight helmet.

With its high-quality hand laid carbon construction and highly adjustable visor, the F3 Carbon helmet is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort.

I bought this helmet to help with neck fatigue for longer ride days. I like it because of its very light weight, its cooling features and the easy latching mechanism. You need to test it out, you’ll love it.

Read my review here: KLIM F3 Carbon Helmet Review: Light and Cool

Dirt bike rider with a helmet and goggles on looking at scenery forest views

Goggles: Scott Prospects

Scott Prospects are a high-performance goggle designed for motocross, off-road, and downhill mountain biking.

These goggles feature a large, curved lens for a wide field of vision, and a NoFog anti-fog lens treatment for clear visibility.

The lens does scratch fairly easily, but the fit and visibility are awesome! I like that they never get fogged down. The fit is great and they last a long time. I still run the same frame after 5 years!

Rider with dirt bike gear on looking back while sitting on a dirt bike on a grassy field

Jersey: Troy Lee Designs GP Air

The GP Air jersey is often considered one of the best dirt bike jerseys on the market.

I like the excellent cooling features as the jersey is constructed with moisture-wicking polyester fabric that helps to keep the rider cool and dry, even during hot and sweaty rides.

It also fits the elbow pads nicely and it is very durable against tears and ripping.

Rider wearing dirt bike pants in hot weather sitting on a dirt bike

Pants: Troy Lee Designs GP Air Confetti

These pants are great for hot summer riding. They fit great and are tru to size and seem to last long. The confetti design of the pants is eye-catching and stylish, making them a standout piece of motocross gear.

I like the leather knee panels that offer protection against heat and abrasions, as well as strategically placed stretch panels that enhance mobility and flexibility.

Read my review here: Beat the Heat: How To Modify Dirt Bike Pants for Hot Weather and Summer Riding

Left hand on the grip with only index finger on the clutch lever slightly pulling the lever inwards

Gloves: O’Neal Element

The O’Neal Element gloves are a popular choice for trail and off-road riders.

These gloves are designed to provide both comfort and protection during rides, with features such as reinforced palm and thumb panels, silicone printing for better grip, and a stretchy neoprene cuff for a snug fit.

The O’Neal Element gloves are a reliable and durable option for riders looking for quality gloves to enhance their performance.

I like the snug fit (for my small hands and short fingers). The padding also helps my carpal tunnel symptoms. Try them out!

Elbow Guards: Troy Lee Designs EGS5500

Elbow Guards: Troy Lee Designs EGS5500

I run the longer versions of these elbow guards, but recently tried these short versions.

They stay up better and are helping with preventing arm pump. These elbow guards are designed to provide excellent protection against impacts and abrasions, with features such as a molded bio-foam inner liner and a hard plastic outer shell.

The EGS5500 also features a secure and adjustable fit system, allowing for a comfortable and customizable fit. Overall, the Troy Lee Designs EGS5500 elbow guards are a reliable and durable option for anyone looking for high-quality protection during their rides.

A dirt bike rider opening a fanny pack and showing phone and compartments inside

Hydration Pack: USWE Zulo Hydration Hip Pack

The USWE Zulo is a fanny pack hydration system. It is a great lightweight option for trail riding. It’s designed to eliminate the weight off your shoulders. This dirt bike fanny pack offers intuitive tool storage with a 2-liter water bladder and clever hose routing options.

This fanny pack is my favorite. After riding with the Zulu for the past 12 months, I can recommend the fanny pack style hydration option, especially for hot weather riding.

Read my review here: Best Dirt Bike Backpacks for Trail Riding

Retevis RT19 dirt bike radios laying on a dirt bike seat with a single trail on the background

Radio: Retevis RT19

I think the best walkie talkie for dirt bike riding is Retevis RT19 Walkie Talkie.

It is a small, walkie talkie style lightweight radio for dirt bike riding that easily straps to your riding gear. It has an acceptable range, a small size, it’s light and durable with decent weather and dust protection.

They are cheap, last long and work well with gloves on. You can buy 1, 2, 4 or as many as you need. Highly recommended!

Read my review here: Best Dirt Bike Radio Options for Trail Riding

Asterisk knee braces on a table after 550 hours of use.

Knee Braces: Asterisk Ultra Cell

These knee braces are an excellent knee protection system for active dirt bike riders. They are not cheap but overall definitely worth the money to protect your knees from serious injury. I would buy again.

Overall, the 550-hour review of Asterisk knee braces has proven that they are a top-of-the-line choice for dirt bike riders who value safety and performance. Don’t skimp on your protective gear – your knees will thank you!

Read my review here: Asterisk Knee Braces: 550-Hour Review

Off-road ride putting on dirt bike boots and gear

Boots: Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS

The Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS is a high-end off-road motorcycle boot that is designed for durability, comfort, and performance.

These boots feature a premium microfiber upper material, a replaceable sole system (SRS), and adjustable buckles and straps for a customizable fit. The Crossfire 3 SRS also includes a heat shield panel and an inner gaiter to protect against heat and debris, making it a reliable and durable option for off-road riders looking for top-of-the-line footwear.

I like the snug fit, low toe area height (helps with shifting) and that you can replace the sole when it wears out. The ankle hinge is great at preventing overextension. They also last forever as each part is replaceable.

Dirt Bike Setup

As a passionate dirt bike rider, I have spent countless hours perfecting my dirt bike setup to achieve the best possible performance and protection. Based on my personal experience and favorite recommendations, here are my favorite products I vouch for.

Enduro Engineering radiator guards installed on a 2023 KTM 300 XC-W

Radiator Guards: Enduro Engineering

The Enduro Engineering Radiator Guards are a must-have accessory for any serious off-road or enduro rider. These guards are designed to protect the radiator from damage due to rocks, debris, and other hazards that can occur on the trail.

I like the excellent level of protection, fit, and looks. Installation is easy. Highly recommended!

Read my review here: Enduro Engineering Radiator Guards – Unbeatable Protection

Radiator Fan 01

Radiator Fan: KTM Factory Fan Kit

Dirt bike radiator fan prevents the dirt bike engine from overheating. If you ride low speed, technical trails or single track, you need to install one.

I have installed the KTM factory radiator fan. The installation is a breeze, since it hooks into a plug under the gas tank. No sensor is needed as the ECU controls it directly.

Read more about radiator fan kits here: Dirt Bike Radiator Fan Keeps Your Dirt Bike Cool

Enduro engineering Xtreme skid plate on a 2023 KTM 300 XC-W

Skid Plate: Enduro Engineering Skid Plate

This skid plate is strong, easy to install and offers excellent protection for dirt bikes. The aluminum construction makes it very light.

I ran the smaller version of this skid plate for 5 years without issues. For the new bike, I installed the extended Xtreme-version for added case protection.

I like the sturdy design, level of protection and easy installation. This one is quiet, fits well and doesn’t move. I also never had issues sliding over rocks or other obstacles. Get it!

Read my review here: Enduro Engineering Skid Plate Review

Old carbon fiber pipe guard with wear and tear on a 2-stroke dirt bike

Pipe Guard: P3 Carbon Pipe Guard

The P3 Carbon Pipe Guard is a top-quality accessory for any serious dirt bike rider. Designed to protect the exhaust pipe from damage due to rocks, debris, and other hazards, this guard is made from high-quality carbon fiber, which offers superior strength and durability.

The P3 fits well and protects the most vulnerable parts of the head pipe. It does protect from direct impact well, however the lower side could use more protection. Light, lasts long and saves the pipe. Get one!

Read more about pipe guards here: 2 Stroke Pipe Guard for Maximum Defense

Dirt bike front fork leg on the table next to fork bleeders

Fork Quick Air Bleeders: Motion Pro Fork Bleeders

Fork bleeders are a must for any open chambered forks. The quick air release will help prevent fork oil leaks and keep the forks running at optimal performance levels.

Fork bleeders are simple to install and easy to use and are likely one of the best small upgrades every rider should install on their dirt bike.

I use the Motion Pro fork bleeders and they do seem to hold air well. They’re simple to install and and easy to use.

Read more about fork bleeders here:What Are Fork Bleeders and Why You Need Them?

A red Tubliss tube, a black inner tube and tire spoons laying on a ground next to the wheel and an old tire

Tire Flat Protection: Nuetech Tubliss System

There are several ways to protect your dirt bike tires from punctures and flats. Solutions like heavier inner tube,  Tubliss tire system or the Nitro Mousse effectively eliminate all flats.

I run the Tubliss setup: It prevents flats very well allowing me to precisely adjust tire pressure for maximum traction. It is also the most affordable logo term solution of the available options.

Read more about flat protection: Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bike Tire Pressure

Dirty dirt bike tire of a dirt bike on a grassy ground

Front Tire: Shinko MX216 (90/90-21)

The Shinko MX216 front tire has excellent traction, roll resistance and wear characteristics. It works well in many conditions and provides great slow and fast-speed performance without noticeable chunking.

The reinforced side lugs last much longer than other tires in this price range and the tall knob profile offers great traction even in softer terrain.

This one is my favorite front tire and I run it on races as well as in most single track and trail riding I do.

Check my top 3 front tires here:Best Dirt Bike Tires for Trail Riding

A worn out and dirty dirt bike tire after trail riding

Rear Tire: Shinko 525 (120/100-18)

My favorite rear tire for trail riding is by far the Shinko 525 cheater. The tire performs very well in all technical trail conditions and offers reasonable wear and chunking resistance at a great price point!

It’s definitely a rear tire to consider for most type of trail riding. The new 525A has a reinforced side wall, further improving the high speed performance. I like it!

Check my top 3 rear tires here:Best Dirt Bike Tires for Trail Riding

ODI hand grips on a new 2023 KTM XC-W 300

Wrap Around Handguards: Cycra Pro Bend

For full wrap-arounds, I recommend you to get a complete dirt bike handguard kit from Cycra for many reasons, but mainly for safety and durability.

The Cycra Pro Bend Ultra Hand Guard Kit is my favorite because you can order individual replacement parts and they seem to be basically indestructible. If you manage to bend the aluminum bars, you can bend them back and realign fairly easily.

Read more about handguards here: How To Choose the Best Dirt Bike Handguards

White and orange deflector style handguards on a table

Handguards: Enduro Engineering Deflectors

If you prefer lighter style handguards, I recommend the Enduro Engineering deflector dirt bike handguards.

These composite deflector handguards fit most dirt bikes and are lightweight, easy to install and affordable even in case of breakages, so they are a great choice for many riders out there. They offer a good protection for most conditions and do well in tight single track and enduro riding.

Read more about handguards here: How To Choose the Best Dirt Bike Handguards

Tools and Accessories

As an avid dirt bike rider, I have had the chance to test out a variety of tools and accessories over the years. Based on my personal experience and favorite recommendations, here are some of the best tools and accessories for dirt biking.

Dirt bike front tire inflated to 11.5 PSI for trail riding

Tire Pressure Gauge: JACO ElitePro Digital

Firstly, you need to have an accurate tire pressure gauge. And, don’t trust the small plastic pen size push bar style car tire pressure gauges, they’re not accurate.

Instead, buy an accurate and easy to use digital tire pressure gauge that you can trust, as you will be using it a lot. I have run this Jaco digital gauge for the last 6 years and it still rocks!

I like how it uses AAA batteries that last 5 years and that it has a backlit easy to read display.

Read more about tire pressure: Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bike Tire Pressure

The DV floor pump shown from the front against a white background

Floor Air Pump: BV 160 PSI Steel Frame

Invest into a good floor air pump. This one will last: The BV steel frame floor pump is easy to use, requires no force and fills the dirt bike tires quickly.

I run the Tubliss system, which means inflating the inner bladder to around 110 PSI pressure to work properly against flats. This pump makes it easy and quick.

Read more about tire pressure: Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bike Tire Pressure

LuckyBike Tools Tire Repair Kit 01

Tire Repair Kit: LuckyBike Tools Tire Repair Kit

Handheld pumps are great if you need to carry them with you, however there are smaller and better options for your trail bag, such as these tire repair kits with air cartridges.

Pack one of these cheap tire repair kits into your trail bag. I have had to use it few times after slicing a tire. Highly recommended!

Read more about tire pressure: Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bike Tire Pressure

JobSite Boot Dryer 01

Dirt Bike Boot Dryer: JobSite Boot Dryer

All dirt bikers can agree that there’s nothing worse than wearing wet riding boots. And the hard cold truth is that dirt bike boots get wet very easily and it takes ages for them to air dry.

This boot drier is lightweight so you can pack it with you on weekend trips and it does an excellent job. So quiet, because it has no fan, that you can sleep next to it while your boots are getting dried overnight.

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This page highlights my personal favorite dirt bike gear, protection, setup, tools, and accessories, with an emphasis on my personal experience and testing. The recommendations are based on my extensive experience as a passionate dirt bike rider, and each item is chosen for its superior quality, durability, and performance.

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Last updated: April 26, 2023