Where to Ride My Dirt Bike Near Me

Dirt Bike Near Me: Utah cliff view with a dirt bike

Where can I ride my dirt bike near me? That’s the question every dirt bike rider wonders. Well, it’s time to stop wondering and let our dirt bike trail finder find you new riding spots!

How does it work? Just select a state in the drop down-menu and the dirt bike trail finder lists all the riding spots in the area.

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Finding Spots for Riding My Dirt Bike Near Me Made Easy

Finding new riding locations for your dirt bike can be a challenge.

We put together this list of dirt bike riding locations in the United States to help fellow riders find and explore new properties so that everyone can keep enjoying this fantastic sport.

In this riding location list, we gathered properties for riders in every category and skill level. You will find national forests, private ranches, some hidden gems and even some that might be currently closed either permanently or for the season.

Whether you’re looking for motocross tracks, dirt bike trails, or ATV/UTV parks or full-size SUV trails, this list is a great place to start. Most of the properties on the list allow many types of riding styles and disciplines.

So from now on, it will be easier to find new spots for riding dirt bike near me.

We also regularly post our picks for top riding spots in local areas, so make sure to check them out:

Few Words to Fellow Riders

In order for us all to keep riding these great dirt bike riding locations, we want to remind our fellow riders out there to respect the nature, trails, properties and other riders.

From that mindset, we gathered few helpful rules and tips that will help you along your travels and in exploring new riding locations.

Ride in Designated Areas Only

Don’t go exploring new trails or cut out new sections or modify the trails.

This is one of the easiest ways to not only get kicked out of the property, but also make it much more difficult for the property owners to keep the place open for dirt bikes.

Also, don’t modify the trail.

It’s okay to clear a fallen tree or something that clearly doesn’t belong on the trail. But when the trail has purposely built or selected difficult sections, you should not make it easier for all riders.

If you get stuck and need to move rocks etc., put them back. Respect the trail and the way it has been cut.

Trail maintenance crews will handle fixing and restructuring the trail when needed. And when you can, volunteer!


Make sure you plan ahead and think about safety. This is especially important when visiting new riding locations.

Start with general safety and things like communication methods, emergency contacts, camping and parking conditions, as well as surrounding amenities. The usual stuff.

Check your riding gear and make sure that it fits the level of riding the property offers. Consider wearing all safety gear since many accidents happen in new unfamiliar locations.

Do not ride alone! Or at least make sure you tell someone exactly which trail you’re going to ride and how long before they need to start to worry.

Remember that you are not alone on the trails and look around at intersections and trail crossings. Head on collisions do happen on two-way trails more than you think. Look ahead—it also makes you ride much better!

Pick it up

Do not litter.

These locations will stay open only if and when we all help keep them clean and respect the property owners and people who pour sweat and tears to maintaining the trails.

Respect the nature. Leave camp sites and trails cleaner than when you arrived.

Remember To Have Fun Out There!

Exploring new dirt bike trails around the United States is a great way to find new ways to progress and enjoy this great sport of enduro dirt biking.

You get to meet new like-minded people and enjoy fantastic views and get your adrenaline shot while twisting the throttle to the tunes of high heavens!

And thanks to our dirt bike trail finder, finding new trails to ride my dirt bike near me just got a whole lot easier.

See you guys out there!