Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

In this guide, I will provide you with an in-depth look at the best electric dirt bikes for kids. These models are getting very popular and for a reason. Many kids nowadays learn riding with these type of dirt bikes and move on to bigger electric dirt bikes along the way.

The best kids electric dirt bike is easy to operate and are practically silent and have less maintenance needs than the gas models. Let’s dive in to the best models out there.

Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Firstly, there is a great selection for young and youth riders in the electric category. Secondly, you can choose the frame sizes starting from balance bikes to bigger models that fit taller riders as well as teen riders.

I am listing these electric dirt bikes for kids starting from the smaller options for younger kids and next the bigger options for taller and older riders.

1. Stacyc Balance Bikes

In general, the balance bikes are usually the first models most kids can start learning with. In other words, they are small and require no prior skills to get started at any age. Both KTM and Husqvarna offer these same balance bikes under their lineup for kids. In fact, they are essentially identical models to the ones below.

For kids around 3-5 years old, this type of electric dirt bike for kids is the best way to start learning early on.

Stacyc is a popular choice among electric dirt bikes for kids
Stacyc balance bike is a great way to start dirt biking. Stacyc 12E shown here.
ModelPriceAgesRangeSeat Height
Stacyc 12EDRIVE$7993 to 5 years30 to 60 min13″
Stacyc 16EDRIVE $1,0495 to 7 years30 to 60 min17″
Stacyc 18EDRIVE$2,6508 to 10 years30 to 45 min21″
Stacyc 20EDRIVE$3,10010 to 12 years30 to 60 min23″
Stacyc balance bikes model comparison and technical details

2. Oset Electric Off Road Motorcycles

Oset offers options from ages 3 years and up to teen riders. These models are trials style dirt bikes that are designed to assist in learning the basic and more advanced dirt bike techniques.

This starter model is based on 12.5″ wheel size and offers a great option for a first dirt bike. Their MX kids model is also popular starter model.

Kids Oset 12.5 with small tires
Oset is a popular kids electric dirt bike manufacturer.
ModelPricePowerAgesRangeSeat Height
Oset 12.5 Racing$1,699600W3 to 5 years1 to 2 hours390mm (15.0″)
Oset MX-10$3,1991400W4 to 7 years2 to 3 hoursAdjustable, 515–550mm (20.3–21.7’’)
Oset 16.0 Racing$2,399800W5 to 7 years1 to 2 hours480mm (18.9″)
Oset 20.0 Racing$3,0991200W8 to adult1 to 2 hours550mm (21.6’’)
Oset balance bikes model comparison and technical details

3. KTM SX-E 5

KTM has added an electric MX bike to their kids model lineup. And it’s a great choice for riders wanting performance in the traditional dirt bike form factor.

This KTM offer racing level performance and is defiantly not the best choice for beginner riders. However, the different riding modes can help tame down some of the performance but beware that it may scare away the youngest riders.

KTM SX E5 is an electric kids dirt bike with orange coloring
KTM SX-E 5 is a race level performance option for advanced kids
Power2000W, max power 5KW
Age Range5 years and up
Range1 to 2 hours
Charge70 minutes to 100%, 45 minutes to 80%
KTM technical details

4. Husqvarna EE-5

Owned by KTM, this model is essentially identical to the one above. This kids model is identical to the KTM model.

Husqvarna EE5 on showroom with blue and white coloring
Power2000W, max power 5KW
Age Range5 years and up
Range1 to 2 hours
Charge70 minutes to 100%, 45 minutes to 80%
Technical details of the Husqvarna kids model

Another great option is to invest into an affordable electric mini bike. Truth is, most kids will ride the first one only for a short time and move on to a bigger one, typically within a year. These cheap models are a great choice for beginners and kids starting the sport without breaking the budget.

Bike ModelMax Rider WeightPrice
Burromax TT250150lb$370
Hover-1 H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike120lb$340
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket140lb$250
JOYLDIAS Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike66lb$160
Qaba 6V Kids Motorcycle55lb$140
Popular cheap mini electric dirt bikes.


Kids are increasingly learning to rider dirt bikes with these popular models. The easy, silent operation and parent friendly setup and maintenance are all great reasons why many parents choose electric models over gas models.

In summary, they are lots of fun for kids, youth, and adults alike. Overall less maintenance and tinkering helps focus on the riding itself. I strongly recommend testing the electric versions out whenever you get a change.

Let’s get electrified!

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