How To Find Dirt Bike Races Near Me

Race day morning with a dirt bike on a center stand waiting for the races to start

Looking for the best dirt bike races near you? Find upcoming events and join the competition! With a range of skill levels and race formats, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the excitement and adrenaline rush of racing. Start your search for dirt bike races near me today!

Best Dirt Bike Trails in Dallas, Texas

Dirt bike in front of a Red Bull barn near Dallas Texas at Red River Motorcycle Trails ranch.

Looking for the best dirt bike riding spots around Dallas, Texas? Check out our top 3 picks, including Red River Motorcycle Trails, Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area, and Cross Bar Ranch. Each location offers unique features, amenities, and pricing options to suit riders of all skill levels.

Static Balance Dirt Bike Guide: 5 Tips to Dominate Trails

Person static balancing with a dirt bike on a single track trail in the woods

Static balance is a vital skill for dirt bike riders to navigate challenging terrain, obstacles and avoid crashes. These 5 static balance dirt bike drills can improve balance, control, and tackle challenging terrain with more confidence.

Enduro Riding Terminology Explained in 5 Minutes

Enduro riding at mountains, rider looking back sitting on a dirt bike

Discover the world of enduro riding, where you’ll navigate tough terrain and test your skills in multiple-day races. An enduro dirt bike is designed for this purpose. Our ultimate guide to enduro explores what it is, what’s involved, and how to get started.

Learn How To Ride A Clutch Dirt Bike with 5 Expert Tips

Learning how to ride a clutch dirt bike using a incline to practice clutch control

Learn how to ride a clutch dirt bike and master clutch control with these 6 tips. This post covers the basic principles of dirt bike riding, from setting up the clutch lever to using it properly. Use our practical exercises to quickly improve your riding skills and learn how to ride a manual dirt bike.

Arm Pump: What Is It and How To Get Rid of It

A dirt bike rider showing forearms in arm pump with fists closed while sitting on a dirt bike on a forest trail

Arm pump is a painful condition that can bring your riding to a halt. With our tips, you can avoid arm pump or eliminate it altogether and keep riding your dirt bike on the trails for longer.

How To Prevent Carpal Tunnel When Dirt Bike Riding

Dirt bike rider sitting on a dirt bike with outstretched arms and open palms

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a well recognized issue among dirt bike riders and one of the most common conditions causing numbness or tingling in your hands during or after riding. Here you will find tips for how to prevent carpal tunnel related to dirt bike riding.

Guide to Sam Houston National Forest Off Road Trails

Dirt bike next to Sam Houston National Forest off-road trails

There are not many options for trail riding in the Houston area. Luckily, the Sam Houston National Forest off road trails are all you need! Here you will find everything you need to know about these forest dirt bike trails.

How To Load a Dirt Bike Into a Truck

A man holding a dirt bike by the handlebars and pushing it up a ramp into a truck with left foot on a center stand

When it’s time to load the dirt bike onto the truck bed, you want to be over and done with it in just few minutes. Check out our step-by-step instructions for how to load a dirt bike into a truck the quick and easy way.

Best Dirt Bike Trails in Austin, Texas

A dirt rider sitting on a dirt bike on the best dirt bike trails in Austin Texas at CTOR

Are you looking for dirt bike trails in Austin, Texas? We put together a list of the top three places for dirt bike trail riding. Find out what are our favorite spots to ride dirt bikes!

Best Ways for Hauling a Dirt Bike

Motovan with rear doors open to show a dirt bike loaded in with a loading ramp

Before you can hit the trails, you first have to transport your dirt bike to the riding spot. Read more to find out the best ways for safely hauling a dirt bike.

Single Track Riding Tips for Beginners

Dirt bike rider standing on the pegs while riding on a single track in the forest

A single track is one of the most difficult types of terrain to master on a dirt bike and it requires some technical bike-handling skills. Here you will find tips for first-time single track riders to get started.

Sandwinder Enduro – #1 Dirt Bike Race in Texas

Dirt bike on a center stand with trucks and trailers on the background

Sandwinder Enduro is a sprint enduro in Smithville, Texas and a part of the TSCEC race series. Want to learn what this race is like? We will tell you all about the race weekend and the trails at McMahan Ranch.