How To Prevent Carpal Tunnel When Dirt Bike Riding

Dirt bike rider sitting on a dirt bike with outstretched arms and open palms

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a well recognized issue among dirt bike riders and one of the most common conditions causing numbness or tingling in your hands during or after riding. Here you will find tips for how to prevent carpal tunnel related to dirt bike riding.


Dirt Bike Disc Brake Guards Explained

A dusty front wheel of a dirt bike with a disc brake guard

When riding on trails, your dirt bike is bound to get hit by rocks, sticks, and other debris. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about brake disc covers and protecting the brake rotors.


How To Load a Dirt Bike Into a Truck

A man holding a dirt bike by the handlebars and pushing it up a ramp into a truck with left foot on a center stand

When it’s time to load the dirt bike onto the truck bed, you want to be over and done with it in just few minutes. Check out our step-by-step instructions for how to load a dirt bike into a truck the quick and easy way.


Ultimate Guide to Dirt Bike Tire Pressure

Dirt bike rear tire almost flat against the ground for maximum traction

In this ultimate guide to dirt bike tire pressure, we will explain how to gain maximum traction while preventing flats. We also reveal our complete dirt bike tire pressure chart with PSI settings for different conditions and riding styles.


Ultimate Guide To Dirt Bike Plastics

Dirt bike on a center stand with scuffed old dirt bike plastics

Dirt bike plastics protecting your bike and you from rocks and dirt will eventually get broken, cracked, or faded in color. Find out all you need to know about restoring, changing, painting, and buying dirt bike plastics in this detailed guide.


How To Clean the Air Filter on a Dirt Bike

Hands squeezing a dirty dirt bike air filter above a bucket filled with air filter cleaner

A regular cleaning and oiling of the dirt bike air filter extends the lifespan of the engine and the foam air filter itself. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to clean the air filter on a dirt bike quick and easy.