Dirt Bike Graphics: The Best Brands and Designs for Your Ride

Dirt bike graphics have an important functional role but they also freshen up the overall look of your dirt bike.

Luckily, there are many companies making custom dirt bike graphics and designs to choose from when updating your graphics. They are widely available and usually relatively cheap and easy to install by yourself.

Many dirt bike owners buy and replace the plastics and graphics on their new dirt bikes and store them for later. When it’s time to sell, changing back to factory plastics and graphics usually helps to sell the bike faster.

In this post, we will discuss the following topics:

Let’s get started!

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What Are Dirt Bike Graphics?

Dirt bike graphics are the thick stickers or decals that are installed on top of the dirt bike plastics. They are model specific sets that are designed to fit the exact year and model of your dirt bike.

There are several types of graphics kits available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Some cover only a portion of the plastics and some contain dirt bike decals for the entire dirt bike.

New dirt bike graphics set on the floor ready to be installed

For example, full sticker sets include specific ready-cut stickers or decals for the front and rear fender, front fork deflectors or protectors, both side panels, and air box cover, as well as the front number plate.

In some sticker sets, you can customize the number plates on the side and front of the dirt bike with your name and or number to make them more personal.

How Are They Made?

Dirt bike graphics are typically manufactured by laser cutting vinyl sheets into predesigned layouts and designs. The vinyl is by far the most common material.

They vary in design as well as in thickness and finish. The available material thicknesses typically vary between:

  • Lightweight or thin: 12 mil or 300 microns (micrometers)
  • Medium: 16 mil or 400 microns
  • Heavy: 21 mil or 533 microns
  • Very heavy: 32 mil or 812 microns

Generally speaking, the thicker the graphics vinyl material used is, the more expensive and wear resistant the graphics are but also more difficult to install.

The vinyl and the graphics are also made in matte or gloss finish and some graphics or dirt bike decals may be perforated. An example of the perforated graphics is the section used around the tank and the radiator shrouds. The perforation helps preventing bubbles and allow gas fumes to dissipate better.

How Do the Graphics Affect Your Dirt Bike?

Besides the most obvious function of making your dirt bike look cool, the graphics have also several important practical and functional roles.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how graphics can serve your dirt bike.

1. They Protect the Plastics From Wear

One of the main functional roles of dirt bike graphics is the added protection against the wear and tear of the dirt bike plastics as well as some painted parts and the frame. Especially the thick graphics will protect the plastics against scratches and other smaller scuffs, dings, and cuts.

The front forks tubes, rear swingarm, and other parts can also be protected with correctly installed and positioned thick graphics material. You can also buy transparent sheets of protective vinyl to add protection to areas prone to wear and tear.

2. Graphics Modify Friction in Connection Points With the Rider

Another important functional role of the graphics is to control the friction in all contact points with the rider.

You may have noticed that some riders add abrasive stickers on their dirt bikes, usually near where boots contact the dirt bike frame. This is to add friction, which makes it easier to keep the correct riding position.

Additionally, some riders may prefer smooth graphics kits around the tank and the radiator shroud area, whereas some may prefer more sticky or abrasive graphics set. The former reduces friction and increases the sliding of the rider on the bike and the latter the opposite.

This is a personal preference, but you should be aware that the type and finish of the graphics can be used to alter friction around the dirt bike.

3. They Prevent Dirt and Mud Buildup on the Plastics

The graphics generally help to drop any dirt buildup around the dirt bike. Furthermore, the plastics are typically much more rough in finish and tend to gather dust and debris. The smooth finish in graphics and the vinyl materials used effectively shake most of the dirt buildup and help with keeping your dirt bike cleaner and lighter.

You can also use different style plastic protection and conditioning sprays to make the plastics and graphics more dirt proof. These sprays are similar to the materials car dealers use to make the car tires look like new.

4. Protect the Plastics From the Sun’s UV Radiation

The UV radiation from the sun eats up plastic like nothing else. The graphics can help to protect the plastics from direct sunlight and thus extending the plastic’s lifespan. This is because the sun’s UV radiation breaks down the plastics slowly making them brittle.

What Is Included in Different Kits?

There are several different kind of dirt bike graphic kits available in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors.

If your plan is to change to a new plastics kit or renew all graphics, naturally you need to buy a full graphics kit. However, you can also buy smaller sets to replace only certain parts or sections on the dirt bike.

Let’s look at the available options next.

Full Kits for Dirt Bikes

A full kit includes decals and stickers that cover all of the plastics in a dirt bike.

Most full kits include stickers that will cover the front and rear fender, front fork deflectors, front fork tubes, swingarm sides, both side panels, and air box cover, plus the front number plate.

Trim Kits

A trim graphics kit is a partial kit that includes dirt bike decals for both the front and rear fender, fork tubes, and fork deflectors.

Radiator Shroud Kits

Like the name implies, a radiator shroud graphics kit includes the sticker set that covers the plastics around the tank and the radiator shrouds.

Number Plate Kits

A dirt bike number plate graphics kit includes the front number plate and sometimes also the side number plate. They can be just backgrounds or include your race number and/or name.

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Graphics for You

When choosing the correct graphics kit, there are few important things to consider. Below, we compiled a list of things that you should pay attention to when selecting the best dirt bike graphics kits.

Dirt bike on a center stand showing colorful dirt bike graphics
Popular Washougal Back in Black graphics kit on a KTM dirt bike

1. Check the Material Thickness

Graphics are made in different thicknesses and materials. And the truth is that cheap, thin stickers will not last more than few rides. The normal stickers that you get when you buy new gear or bike parts are not made of the material that will last in dirt bike riding. They are mostly decorative and sure can be used in addition to the base graphics set.

A good graphics kit uses a material thickness of 16 mil (400 microns) or more. Anything below the 16-mil thickness means that the graphics are cheaper and will not last as long as the thicker ones. The 16-mil thickness is still considered as a medium thickness.

The functional purpose of the graphics kit is to protect the plastics from scratches and help with controlling the friction between the rider and the dirt bike surfaces. If the material is not thick enough, this purpose will not be fulfilled.

2. Verify the Fitment for Your Dirt Bike Model

Make sure that the dirt bike graphics kit is specifically designed for the make and year model of your dirt bike. The dirt bike submodels have small differences, which makes the plastics fit differently. This affects how the graphics are laid out and cut to match the plastics mounting points, size, and contours.

For example, ordering a XC vs XCW kit for KTM means that you get different front plate and swingarm stickers and you also would not get number plate decals with the latter one.

3. You Can Mix and Match Graphics Kits

If you don’t find a graphics kit to your liking, you can mix and match several kits to create cool and unique dirt bike graphics designs.

The available kits we mentioned previously can be used to personalize the dirt bike to your liking or replace only the worn-out graphics on your dirt bike.

4. Design Your Own Custom Dirt Bike Graphics

For a full custom look, go for graphics that you can alter or redesign by yourself. Many of the vinyl graphics companies allow you to at least modify or completely design your personal kits.

5. Read Reviews

Check reviews for wear and tear, installation easiness, and fitment. Reviews usually help determine the overall quality of the set. If you cannot find the material thickness, ask first. If unsure, don’t buy it.

New Graphic Kits for Your Dirt Bike

All right, so you’ve found a graphics or decal kit for your dirt bike that you like. Before you can install the new graphics, you first need to remove the old ones, clean the plastics, and restore any worn-out plastics.

The whole process will take approximately 4 to 6 hours. It sounds a lot but it will definitely be worth it since your dirt bike will look like new afterwards! Also, you can divide the installation process into two parts if needed: you can remove the old graphics on the first day and then install the new kit the next day.

Next, let’s take a closer look at what is involved in installing the new graphics kit onto your dirt bike.

How To Remove Dirt Bike Graphics

Removing the old dirt bike graphics or dirt bike decals from the plastics involves applying heat to remove the graphics and wiping any residual glue with WD40 or rubbing alcohol. Removing the old graphics and cleaning the plastics will take about 2 to 3 hours in total.

Here are step-by-step instructions for removing dirt bike graphics:

1. Remove the Plastics

It is usually much easier to remove the old graphics and install new ones if you have the plastic parts in your hands rather than installed on the dirt bike. If you replace only few stickers or few graphics, it may make sense to leave the plastics on.

2. Apply Heat and Peel Off the Old Graphics Slowly

Heat the old graphics with either a heat gun or a hair dryer. This makes the glue softer and makes it easier to remove the stickers and graphics from the plastics.

Make sure not to overheat! The graphics need to be warm but not too hot to touch. Slowly heat the entire area evenly.

Next, use a picker tool or a thin plastic strip or a screwdriver to pick one of the edges loose. Then start to peel the old graphics off. Keep applying heat until the glue is soft and the sticker is peeling easily off the plastics.

3. Remove Any Residual Glue

Once the decals, stickers, or graphics are peeled off the plastics, you can clean off any residual glue with rubbing alcohol or WD40. It seems like the WD40 works best and needs only small amounts to effectively clean the glue off.

Finally, finish by using mild soapy water to wash off any dirt band residue to ensure new stickers will adhere well. You can use dishwashing liquid or similar mild detergents.

How To Install New Graphics

Installing dirt bike graphics onto your dirt bike is a lot of fun. The new graphics will make the dirt bike look like new and the entire process is actually quite easy.

We are going to use the dirt bike graphics wet install method that includes using soapy water to help sticker positioning and to avoid air bubbles.

The installation process includes cleaning the plastics, restoring any worn-out plastics, and installing new graphics with soapy water. It will take around 2 to 3 hours to install dirt bike graphics.

Next, we will explain what tools you will need and the steps involved in installing graphics onto your dirt bike.

Recommended Installation Tools

Installing graphics kits is simple. You will need an installation kit, a felt squeegee, a spray bottle, and a heat gun or a hair dryer for the installation process. The installation kit includes few plastic tools that help to push and stretch the thicker graphics in place.

Below, you can find the tools that we recommend for an easy graphics installation. Please note that some kits may come with the felt tip squeegee and you don’t need to buy it separately.

Installation Kit
Felt Squeegee
Spray Bottle
Heat Gun (Optional)

Here are step-by-step instructions for installing new dirt bike graphics:

1. Remove the Plastics

Assuming you already removed the old graphics, you should have the plastics at hand and ready for the installing of the new graphics. If not, remove the plastics from the dirt bike and set them on a table top for cleaning.

2. Clean Plastics Well With Soap and Water

In order for the new graphics to adhere well to the plastics, they need to be clean, dust free, and free from any old glue residue and other chemicals.

If you have any old glue remaining on the plastics, wipe it off with a WD40 or rubbing alcohol. Next, wash the plastic parts with mild soapy water and rinse well. This is important as any residue will cause issues later.

3. Restore Old Worn-Out Plastics if Needed

If your plastics are worn-out but not broken or cracked, you can restore them to make them look close to new again. And when you install new graphics, they change the look of the plastics also. Fix any cracks or broken parts by using safety wire or zip ties if you choose not to replace the broken parts.

To restore the plastics and to make sure the new decals will adhere well, you need to sand them down with an abrasive sand paper and use plastic restorer solutions. If the plastics are faded, you can find detailed instructions for how to restore faded plastics later in this post.

Sand down the scuffed, scratched, and discolored areas into a smooth and even surface. Cover any decal areas so that the new decals will adhere properly. Use the silicone detailer or plastic renew solutions to restore the shiny new like look and feel. Next, you can continue the decal installation.

4. Prepare a Soapy Water Solution Into a Spray Bottle

We recommend using a dirt bike graphics wet installation method using soapy water and a squeegee. This ensures that you can insert and move the decals around for perfect positioning. This method is also very forgiving and a great way to learn how to install new graphics.

Get a spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Add a small amount of soap, about a tablespoon to half a gallon is enough.

5. Install the New Dirt Bike Graphics Using Soapy Water

Spray the plastics with soapy water. Carefully peel off about 50% of the backing paper from the graphics without touching the sticky side with glue.

Holding the decal from the area that still has the backing, place the sticker over the wet and soapy plastics, starting from the middle. Slide the decal in place. It should slide well over the soapy water. If not, add more soapy water.

Next, use the squeegee. Start from the center of the decal and slowly work your way towards the edges. Use the squeegee to push the soapy water away towards the edges. This will make the glue stick to the plastic. Slowly peel off any remaining paper backing while making sure to use the squeegee to avoid forming any air bubbles.

Few Tips for Installing the Dirt Bike Graphics:
  • If you experience any air bubbles, spray water under the decal glue side and peel back the area with air bubbles. Until the glue sets, you have few minutes to set the decal correctly.
  • If at the end you still have air bubbles, you can use a pick or a needle and puncture the air bubble. Then use the squeegee to smooth it out.
  • In areas, where the decal needs to go around sharp turns or fit the contours of the plastics, applying mild heat with a hair dryer or heat gun will make miracles. The vinyl will be more workable with a little bit of heat and it makes it easier to work around the tough spots. Don’t dry the soapy water with the heat gun and make sure to keep it wet until you use the squeegee to finish it off to the correct position.
  • Try not to stretch the vinyl decals when you remove the backing paper or when installing. The vinyl is carefully cut to fit the plastics and pulling too much will stretch it.

6. Finish the Graphics Installation

After you have correctly positioned the decal in place and you have no air bubbles left, use the squeegee to make sure no water is left under the decals. Again, start working from the center towards to the sides of the decals.

Push any remaining soap water out and wipe off any moisture with a clean cloth. Continue the installation with the next decal and once complete, install the plastics back onto your dirt bike.

How To Take Care of Your New Graphics

Over some time, the UV radiation from the sun will cause the vinyl to lose color and deteriorate. This is because the ultraviolet rays are able to break down the dye used to color the vinyl.

When the vinyl is aging, sometimes it starts looking like grayed out, faded, or chalk like. This is a normal oxidation process that happens when the vinyl is aging. But luckily there are several ways to extend the graphics and vinyl life span.

You can use a vinyl restoration products that will restore the colors close to the originals. These products will also help to protect the vinyl from future UV radiation and wear.

How To Restore Faded Graphics

Using vinyl restoration products, restoring faded dirt bike graphics is actually quite easy.

Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved in the process.

1. Wash and Air Dry the Dirt Bike

Wash the dirt bike thoroughly with soapy water. Let it air dry and wipe off any remaining water with a clean cloth.

2. Use Rubbing Alcohol to Degrease the Decals

The surface of the decals needs to be clean of any soap residue and grease. So use rubbing alcohol to wipe the decals clean. Use only small amounts and only on the surface avoiding the edges so that you will not accidentally peel off the decals.

3. Apply the Vinyl Restoration Solution

Apply the restoration solution of your choice on the decals with a clean cloth by following the product specific instructions.

Where To Buy Graphic Kits?

Finding the best graphics kits can be somewhat difficult. Comparing them is not easy and finding details like material thickness and fitment to specific models takes time. Now, we did some of the investigative work for you and wanted to list our favorites to most common dirt bike models.


Yamaha makes the legendary YZ series of dirt bikes, so naturally we wanted to present great Yamaha graphics kit options for these models and also include some classic Yamaha stickers designs to choose from.

Here are the best Yamaha graphics options for certain specific Yamaha dirt bike models. If you wish to find your specific model, click here for a full list of Yamaha graphics kits.

Yamaha YZ125

Base, complete, and full graphics kit options for Yamaha YZ125 with rider I.D. and plate numbers. You can select among 4 main colors: black, blue, pink, and purple.

Compatible with the Yamaha YZ125 year models 2015–2021.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).

Yamaha YZ250

Base, complete, and full graphics for Yamaha YZ250 by Senge Graphics. Personalize the kit with your rider I.D. and numbers. Available colors: black, blue, pink, and purple.

Compatible with the Yamaha YZ250 year models 2015–2021. Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).

Yamaha YZ450

Base, complete, and full graphics kits for Yamaha YZ450 with rider I.D. and numbers. Color options include black, blue, pink, and purple.

Compatible with the Yamaha YZ450 year models 2018–2022.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).


Some popular KTM graphics include the Troy Lee Designs Washougal kit that we personally ride with and the KTM Redbull graphics or KTM factory racing team graphics kit.

Some love the stock orange KTM graphics colors and some hate them. Whichever team you’re on, you have a ton of options to choose from. Below you can find cool custom color designs for some of the typical KTM models we wanted to showcase. These KTM graphics are perfect for replacing the KTM factory graphics.

Check the full list of model specific KTM graphics kits here, if the ones below are not a fit for your specific KTM dirt bike model.


Base and complete kits for the XC-W series KTMs. Color options include black, orange, pink, and sky blue.

Compatible with the KTM XC-W series year models 2017–2019. Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).


Base, complete, and full kits for KTM XC series by Senge Graphics. Customize the kit with your rider I.D. and numbers.

Compatible with the KTM XC models between 2019–2022.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).


The SXF podium kit is a great option to keep the KTM orange and add some style. Choose a base kit or the complete kit with plate backings.

Compatible with the 2019–2022 KTM SXF series. Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).


The mostly white and blue colors of Husqvarna can be quite bland out the factory floor, much like other brands. But with aftermarket stickers, decals, or graphics kits, you can personalize your Husky and make it look cool.

Below you can find some of our favorite Husqvarna graphics for some popular Husqvarna models. If you want to find graphics for your specific model, click here for a full list of available Husqvarna graphics kits.

Husqvarna TC125 and TC250

Base, complete, and full kit with the rider I.D. and numbers for the TC125 and TC250 models between 2019 and 2023.

Color options include green, grey, matte green, and matte gray.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).

Husqvarna TE150i, TE250i and TE300i

Full kit includes the rider I.D. for the different TE models from 2019–2023. Also available as base and complete kits.

Color options: green, grey, matte green, and matte gray. Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).

Husqvarna TX300 and TX300i

Great color options and designs elements make this graphics kit pop out from the masses. Offered in black, blue, and PINK!

Compatible with the 2019–2023 Husqvarna TX models.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).


Beta’s recognizable red coloring is a good match for several designs. Below you can find our top Beta graphics kit choices for the most popular Beta dirt bikes, such as the Xtrainer and the 300RR. Click here to check out the full list of Beta graphics for your specific Beta dirt bike.

Beta Xtrainer

Full kit by Humaart for the Beta Xtrainer 250/300 models between 2016 and 2019.

The kit includes a name and number customization.

Choose among 13 color options. Material thickness 32 mil (very heavy).

Beta 200 RR

Full kits for 2020-22 Beta 200RR. You have several design options and colors to choose from.

The kit includes the rider I.D. and numbers and can be customized.

Material thickness 21 mil (heavy).

Beta 300 RR

Full kit by Kungfu Graphics with vivid colors and high resolution. Color options include gray, yellow, and blue.

Compatible with the 2020–2023 Beta 300RR and several other models. Material thickness 32 mil (very heavy).


The Kawasaki green is very well recognized among dirt bike riders. A well designed graphics kit, decals, and stickers will personalize your dirt bike and help with protecting those colorful plastics.

Below, we listed a few high-quality kits for some popular Kawasaki models, such as the Kawasaki KLX 110 graphics. To find a fit for your specific dirt bike model, click here for a complete list of Kawasaki graphics.

Kawasaki KLX 110

The Kawasaki KLX 110 kit includes a full set of stickers to cover the OEM plastics. It’s perfect for the legendary pit bike!

These Kawasaki stickers are compatible with the 2010–2023 year lineup.

Color options include gray and green. Material thickness 21 mil (heavy).

Kawasaki KX250X

Base, complete, and full kits for the Kawasaki KX 250X between 2021 and 2023.

The full graphics kit includes a name and number customization option. This kit is green, but other colors are also available.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).

Kawasaki KX250F

Full kits for the Kawasaki KX 250F between 2021 and 2023.

This kit called “MERICA USA” is an awesome graphics design. Choose a vivid blue/red or matte black color and add optional numbers and name plates.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).

Gas Gas

Gas Gas graphics kits may be more difficult to find in higher quality. You can find full kits or create your own using GasGas stickers and decal sets to personalize your dirt bike. Also, check the fully custom graphics section for more tips for how to find more options for your Gas Gas.

Below, you can find our favorite kits for few popular models and you can check the full list of Gas Gas graphics options here.

Gas Gas EC250 / EC300

Full kits for the 250 and 300 two-stroke models. These fit year models between 2021 through 2023.

This kit is red with two accent colors to choose from.

Material thickness 32 mil (very heavy).

Gas Gas MC125 – 450F

These graphics kits fit Gas Gas four-stroke models between 2021 and 2023.

Two color variations include red and white and red with black accents.

Material thickness 32 mil (very heavy).

Gas Gas EX250 / EX300

Full kit with name and I.D. options by Attack Graphics for a custom look.

These Gas Gas Graphics are compatible with the 2021–2022 year lineup.

Material thickness 21 mil (heavy).

Sur Ron

Electric dirt bikes are rapidly gaining popularity and the Sur Ron X (read full review here) is definitely one of the most fun electric dirt bikes out there. So naturally, we wanted to include this popular electric dirt bike in this list.

Here are some of the greatest Sur Ron graphics and Sur Ron decal kits out there. Click here to see the full list of Sur Ron graphics.

Sur Ron Light Bee and S/X

These full decal kits offer several design and color options for your Sur Ron and fit the most Sur Ron models.

Color options include orange, red, black, green, and purple.

Material thickness 28 mil (very heavy).

Sur Ron X

Another quality option for graphics for your Sur Ron are these custom decal kits by Humaart.

You can choose among several color and design options and fitments for aftermarket front forks. They also customize and personalize these kits.

Material thickness 32 mil (very heavy).

Segway X160 and X260

Full graphics kit with name and I.D. options are included in these decal kits for your Segway X160 or X260.

Segway is basically a Sur Ron but sold by the company under a different brand.

Material thickness 32 mil (very heavy).


Honda dirt bikes and their recognizable red coloring calls for new graphics. The base red and white plastics kits are a great base for many cool looking new graphics designs.

Below, we listed our top three favorite Honda kits for some popular Honda models. For a full list of Honda graphics kits, click here.

Honda CRF50

These kits are a must for the popular kid’s dirt bike that is often also used as a pit bike!

You can choose a grey or a popping red color option with a WW2 war plane theme.

Fits the 2013–2023 Honda CRF50 models. Available material thicknesses: 9 mil, 16 mil, or 21 mil.

Honda CRF110

These kits fit the 2019–2022 Honda CRF110F models. Senge Graphics also offers the 2013–2018 graphics kit here.

You can choose between the base kit, full kit, or the name and rider I.D. kit.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).

Honda CRF150F

These kits fit the Honda CRF150F models between 2015 and 2020.

Optimal name and rider I.D. kit and base kits are available. Color options include: green, matte green, gray, and matte gray.

Material thickness 22 mil (heavy).

Top 3 Best Dirt Bike and MX Graphics Companies

Many dirt bike and MX graphics companies manufacture and sell dirt bike graphics, stickers, and decals. Some of the graphics are of better quality than others, so we understand it might be hard to decide which one to go with.

That’s why we wanted to list our top 3 choices for the best dirt bike and MX graphics companies. All of these three companies make model specific, high-quality, and cool looking dirt bike graphics. Their graphics are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors so you will surely find one to your liking from their selection.

We personally have used Attack Graphics and Rival Ink graphics kits with great success.

1. Attack Graphics

Owned by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, this Utah based graphics company makes high quality graphic kits for many popular dirt bike brands, such as KTM, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and other UTVs.

You can customize your graphics kits with rider I.D. and personal number plates.

You can make the order directly from Rocky Mountains website by clicking here.


This Australian company shipping worldwide makes a variety of graphics for dirt bikes. Among with the most popular brands, they also offer graphics for unique designs as well as pro/team replica kits.

The company has a 1 to 2 week delivery time from order to your door. Check the SDKA website for mode details.

3. Rival Ink Design Company

Rival Ink, another Australian company also having its office in Temecula USA, offers a large selection of graphics options for most dirt bikes and they do a lot of custom work to fit them to your dirt bike model. They offer a free worldwide delivery for larger orders.

Rival Ink seems to take a more custom approach to the graphics designs and putting the graphics kits together.

You first choose the general design you like, then go through several selections and add optional items. Next, you can add name and numbers and customize it to your liking. Additionally, the full kits include 2 proof rounds, where you can make adjustments prior to accepting the final results.

Check out the Rival Ink Design Company website here.

How To Get Fully Custom Graphics

Did you know that you can create a fully custom dirt bike graphics kit for your dirt bike using your own pictures and designs?

Some of the graphics manufacturers offer fully customizable graphic design services, including other parts of the dirt bike, such as seat covers, handlebar pads, rim stickers, and smaller decals.

In normal predesigned graphics, you can add your number and name to the front and side number plates. For further customization, you can use companies that offer personalized design services, like the Rival Ink Design Company mentioned above.

They can help you to get your fully custom dirt bike graphics kits by directly using their website and uploading your own pictures and logos, or contacting them and using their design services to create your unique personal or team graphics.

How To Choose Your Race Number

If you are a beginner rider and haven’t yet used a race number, let’s discuss some of the principles and meanings behind the numbers on a dirt bike.

The front plate, side plate, and jersey race numbers are normally related to dirt bike racing. They are typically a number between 1 and 999, sometimes combined with a small letter. These numbers are usually included in the full graphics kits and can be personalized.

These race numbers are typically assigned to you during the first race you attend. Some riders stick with the first number and drop the third and second digit as they level up in classes.

Generally speaking, the higher the number is, the lower the rider is in classes and achievements in terms of race results. For example, the best riders in the world have numbers between 1 and 9 and these numbers are usually assigned based on the previous season’s overall standings and overall career performance.

Now, how about amateur riders? How do we mortals pick a race number?

Join a race. If you wish to have a race number in your dirt bike and don’t just want to pick a random number, attend a race! They will assign you a number, which is most likely going to be a three-digit number. This way your number will have a meaning and you will appreciate it more. Once you progress and keep racing, you can drop the tail digit for a shorter two-digit number.

Some say that three-digit numbers represent beginner riders, higher two-digit numbers are A riders and low two-digit or one-digit numbers are for the pro-level riders. This is a general guideline.


Dirt bike graphics are a great way to personalize your dirt bike and stand out from the crowd. The custom graphics for fort bikes are easy to install, last a long time, and help to protect your dirt bike.

While most people buy graphics just to make the dirt bike look cool, it is important to keep in mind how the graphics affect the dirt bike riding performance and plastics durability.

Keep your dirt bike looking fresh!

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