Best Adult Pit Bikes for Unforgettable Campsite Joyrides

The compact yet powerful adult pit bikes are specifically designed for adults having fun near the camp site, get from A to B or just simply have fun with friends.

If you’re on the lookout for the best pit bike for adults, you will find it on this post. These powerful machines offer unparalleled performance and reliability, ensuring an exhilarating ride every time.

Additionally, for those seeking affordable options, there are plenty of cheap pit bikes for adults available that won’t break the bank.

Introduction to Adult Pit Bikes

Adult pit bikes serve a variety of purposes, making them versatile machines for different types of riders.

While they are not intended to replace full-size dirt bikes, they excel in specific riding scenarios. One of the popular purposes of adult pit bikes is near camp riding or exploring outdoor areas with friends. These bikes allow riders to navigate tight spaces and maneuver through trails with ease. They are also perfect for casual rides around race tracks, offering an exciting experience without the intense competition of professional racing.

In addition, adult pit bikes can be used for transportation from point A to point B in certain situations. Their compact size and agility make them suitable for navigating through urban environments and crowded areas. It’s worth noting that there are street pit bikes and similar models available, which are designed specifically for riding on paved roads and can offer a thrilling experience similar to crotch rockets.

While adult pit bikes handle off-road conditions admirably, they are not intended for serious off-roading or extremely rugged terrains. They are best suited for recreational off-road activities and light trail riding. For riders seeking more intense off-road adventures, full-size dirt bikes would be a more appropriate choice.

Overall, adult pit bikes cater to riders looking for a blend of fun, versatility, and exploration.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the alphabetized list of the top 15 best pit bikes for adults.

I included only the larger, more capable adult pit bikes that excel in performance, durability, and sheer thrill.

Keep reading if you’re searching for the best pit bike for adults, looking for affordable options, or planning to embark on unforgettable off-road escapades, these bikes cater to your every need.

Let the excitement begin!

Pit Bike ModelEngine / PowerTire Sizes (Front/Rear)TransmissionSeat HeightWeight (lbs)Price Range
125cc / 17 HP17″/14″Manual 4-speed34.25 inches150 lbs$825-$999
110cc / 8.7 HP14″/12″Semi-automatic30 inches156 lbs$899-$1,099
Coolster M-125125cc / 8.5 HP17″/14″Manual30 inches179 lbs$1,069
112cc / 7.3 HP14″/12″Manual 4-speed28.7 inches168 lbs
144cc / 8.8 HP17″/14″Manual 5-speed31 inches205 lbs
140cc / 10 HP14″/12″Manual 4-speed31 inches160 lbs$2,499
Pitster Pro
MXR 125
125cc / 1514″/12″Manual 4-speed30 inches145 lbs$1,649
Pitster Pro
FSE 190
190cc / 24 HP14″/12″Manual 5-speed33.5 inches152 lbs$3,799
SSR Motorsports SR110110cc / 6.2 HP12″/10″Manual 4-speed28 inches122 lbs$999
SSR Motorsports SR125125cc / 7.3 HP14″/12″Manual 4-speed30 inches129 lbs$1,359
SSR Motorsports SR160TR161cc / 13.25 HP14″/12″Manual 4-speed32 inches159 lbs$2,199
TSK 110-C
110cc / 7 HP14″/12″Semi-automatic 4-speed29.5 inches176 lbs$1,969
TSB 125E-C
125cc 14″/12″Manual 4-speed29.5 inches176 lbs$1,919
TSR 190-C (DT)
190cc14″/12″Manual 4-speed35 inches176 lbs$3,649
YCF SM F155 Supermoto155cc / 11 HP12″/12″Manual 4-speed31.5 inches154 lbs$2,898
15 popular adult pit bikes in alphabetized list with manufacturers specifications.

Top 3 Best Pit Bikes for Adult Riders

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Get ready to discover the cream of the crop with our selection of the top 5 standout adult pit bikes.

I handpicked these exceptional adult pit bikes for their build quality, components, reputation, and reliability, while also considering their cutting-edge features and unmatched thrill factor. Together, these elements guarantee an unforgettable riding experience.

1. First Place: SSR Motorsports SR125 – The Ultimate Adult Pit Bike

SSR Motorsports SR125 against a white background

Congratulations to the winner of the first place title: SSR Motorsports SR125 – the ultimate adult pit bike!

With its exceptional performance and impressive features, the SSR Motorsports SR125 has claimed its spot at the top of the podium. This outstanding pit bike offers an exhilarating riding experience, combining a powerful 125cc engine, manual 4-speed transmission, and versatile 14″/12″ tire sizes.

Not only does the SR125 excel in its standard version, but SSR Motorsports also offers two additional models: the SR125SEMI with a semi-automatic transmission and the SR125AUTO with an automatic transmission. Whatever your preference, the SSR Motorsports SR125 series delivers unbeatable thrills and adventure for adult riders.

You can also find aftermarket accessories, stickers, decals and spare parts directly from making repairs and upgrades easier.

If you haven’t heard about these SSR dirt bikes before, take a look at all the 13 SSR dirt bike models here: SSR Dirt Bike Selection Guide: Cheat Sheet for All 13 Models

Find more information and where to buy from the SSR Motosports manufacturers website here.

2. Apollo DB-X18: A Worthy Runner-Up for Adult Pit Bike Thrills

Adult Pit Bikes Apollo DB-X18

Claiming the well-deserved runner-up position is the Apollo DB-X18, a formidable contender in the realm of adult pit bikes. As a powerful and thrilling option, the Apollo DB-X18 captivates riders with its exceptional features and remarkable performance.

This one made the second place, because it is an affordable option for riders looking for a cheap pit bikes for adults with reasonable build quality and aftermarket parts availability. Priced between $800-900 plus delivery fees, this Apollo DB-X18 adult pit bike from is a great option for the first adult pit bike.

With a robust 125cc engine producing an impressive 17 HP, coupled with a manual 4-speed transmission, this pit bike offers an exhilarating and customizable riding experience. Its 17″/14″ tire sizes ensure excellent traction, while the comfortable seat height of 34.25 inches enhances rider control and comfort. Experience the sheer excitement of adult pit biking with the remarkable Apollo DB-X18, a true runner-up in its class. Read more about this pit bike in our recent review: Apollo 125cc dirt bike: affordable fun for all ages.

3. YCF SM F155: The Thrilling Third Place Pit Bike

Adult Pit Bikes YCF SM F155

Claiming the thrilling third position in our selection of adult pit bikes is the YCF SM F155, the ultimate pit bike in the style of a popular supermoto for paved pit adventures.

With its dynamic 155cc engine, manual 4-speed transmission, and 12″/12″ tire sizes, this agile machine ensures exceptional control on smoother surfaces. Weighing 154 lbs and featuring a seat height of 31.5 inches, it strikes a perfect balance between power and maneuverability. Priced at $2,898, the YCF SM F155 offers an exhilarating ride that won’t break the bank.

Find parts and accessories on reputable online marketplaces like Unleash your passion for high-speed thrills with the exceptional YCF SM F155, the ideal companion for conquering paved pits.

Adult Pit Bike FAQs Answered

What is the recommended age range for adult pit bikes?

The recommended age range for adult pit bikes typically starts from 16 years and above, as these bikes are designed for larger and more experienced riders. It’s important to consider factors like skill level, physical ability, and local regulations when determining suitability for younger riders.

Are adult pit bikes street legal?

Typically no. The street legality of adult pit bikes depends on various factors such as local laws and regulations. In many places, pit bikes are not street legal due to their off-road design and lack of certain required features such as lights, mirrors, and turn signals.

What safety gear is essential for riding adult pit bikes?

Safety gear is essential when riding adult pit bikes to protect yourself from potential injuries. It is recommended to wear a DOT-approved helmet, goggles or a full-face shield, sturdy boots, gloves, long pants, and a protective riding jacket or jersey. Additionally, knee and elbow pads can provide extra protection during falls or accidents. Read more about essential dirt bike gear for trail riding in our recent article.

How do I choose the right engine size for my skill level and riding preferences?

Choosing the right engine size for your skill level and riding preferences depends on several factors. Beginners or riders with limited experience may find smaller engine sizes like 110cc or 125cc more suitable, offering manageable power and control. More experienced riders may opt for larger engine sizes like 140cc or 190cc for increased performance and speed. It’s important to consider your comfort level, intended use, and skill progression when selecting the engine size.

Can I modify or customize my adult pit bike to enhance its performance or appearance?

Yes, adult pit bikes can often be modified and customized to enhance performance or achieve a desired look. Choose the adult pit bike on this post that has a variety of aftermarket parts available online.

Final Thoughts: Embrace the Thrilling World of Adult Pit Bikes

These small, lightweight adult pit bikes are remarkable machines that can offer an unmatched experience for riders of all skill levels, allowing you to unleash your inner adventurer and immerse yourself in the excitement.

Adult pit bikes deliver an unmatched level of excitement and enjoyment around the camp site or around the local trails with a smile on your face.

With their durable construction, cutting-edge features, and endless customization options, these bikes open up a world of possibilities. So, gear up, rev the engine, and dive headfirst into the thrilling world of adult pit bikes. The adventure awaits!

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