5 Key Reasons to Choose Enduro Engineering Skid Plate

Skid plates are designed to protect the lower frame and sides on the engine. Rocks, roots, and other debris on the trail can easily cause issues and damage in single track riding. A good skid plate shields the frame and engine of your bike from direct impact damage, but it also provides a functional role in trail riding.

One of the most popular and highly-rated skid plates on the market is made by Enduro Engineering.

In this review, I will explain my experiences of the Enduro Engineering skid plate, and explore how it performs on the toughest terrains. This review will help you make an informed decision about this essential accessory for your trail riding.


Enduro Engineering is a leading provider of high-quality off-road motorcycle accessories, including skid plates, radiator guards, handguards, and exhaust guards. Based in Michigan, the company has been designing and manufacturing durable and reliable products for off-road riders since 1987. Their focus on quality and performance has made them a trusted name in the industry.

They manufacture strong aluminum skid plates for KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Gas Gas, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Sherco, Suzuki, and Beta.

Their skid plate design protects the critical engine parts, such as water pumps, oil filters, engine cases and covers. They also designed the skid plates with vents and holes to drop most of the mud and other debris. These holes also let you drain the engine or gear oil without removing the skid plate from the frame. This definitely saves time.

The Installation Process

The installation is fairly straightforward. The skid plate comes with few alternate ways to install it to the dirt bike frame. Depending on the dirt bike model, you either use the bolts on the frame or the separate mounting bracket.

In short, the installation is simple:

  1. Start by removing any existing skid plate or engine guards from your dirt bike if you have them.
  2. Clean the frame and install the protective tape into the frame. The tape prevents lowering the noise and rattling where the aluminum skid plate connects to the frame.
  3. Place the skid plate onto the frame. Line up the mounting holes with the holes on the frame.
  4. Insert the bolts through the mounting holes into the frame, but do not tighten them yet.
  5. Adjust the position of the skid plate so that it is centered and straight.
  6. Once you have the skid plate properly aligned, tighten the bolts using a wrench or socket set. Make sure to tighten them evenly and securely.
  7. Check the skid plate and mounting bolts periodically to ensure they are still tight and secure.

Other Brands

The main differences in skid plates are in material and design. The materials used will affect weight, level of protection, and performance (how the skid plate glides over obstacles, such as logs). We talk about different dirt bike skid plates in this recent article, be sure to check it out.

However, here are five popular dirt bike skid plates available on the market:

  1. Acerbis skid plates: Acerbis is a popular brand that produces a wide range of dirt bike parts and accessories, including skid plates. Their skid plates come in lightweight and durable plastic and come in a variety of colors.
  2. Moose Racing skid plates: Moose Racing is another well-known brand in the dirt bike world. Their skid plates are primarily high-quality aluminum.
  3. Works Connection skid plates: Works Connection is a respected brand that produces a range of high-quality dirt bike parts and accessories. Their skid plates are made of lightweight aluminum and feature a smooth, flat design for maximum protection.
  4. Polisport skid plates: Polisport is a well-known brand that produces a variety of dirt bike parts and accessories. Their skid plates are made of durable plastic and are designed to protect the engine and frame of dirt bikes from rocks, debris, and other hazards.

Test Results of the Enduro Engineering Skid Plate

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I have used the standard size skid plate for the past 5 years or so on my old 2018 KTM 300 XC-W. For the new 2023 KTM 300 XC-W, I installed the Xtreme skid plate. This one is taller on the sides and offers better case protection.

This skid plate is strong, easy to install and offers excellent protection for dirt bikes.

The aluminum construction makes it very light. Additionally, the holes on the under side also allow oil changes without removing the skid plate.

Enduro engineering Xtreme skid plate on a 2023 KTM 300 XC-W
FeatureOverall 4.6/5 ★★★★★


It fits snugly to the dirt bike frame and protects not only the frame and the engine, but the sides of the engine as well. The standard model has adequate protection for lower side impacts against the case. Additionally, the Xtreme version has the extended flaps for added side protection. In my 550+ hours on the 2018 KTM and the standard skid plate, I never cracked the engine covers or had any damage to the frame.

The skid plate is quiet, sturdy and fits very well. It slides relatively well over obstacles, which is usually a drawback for aluminum skid plates. The holes and perforated sections of the skid plate makes it light but also gives access to the oil drain plug. This makes regular maintenance easier.

5 Key Benefits

1. Easy to installCannot adjust power valve without removing it
2. Very durableOil change is a mess without removing it
3. Slides well over logs and rocksSometimes noisy
4. Reasonable price
5. Looks awesome

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dirt bike skid plate?

A skid plate is a protective guard, that installs under the frame on a dirt bike. They are made of aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic or composites. The main purpose of an skid plate is to prevent direct impact damage to the engine and frame.

How do I know which skid plate is right for my dirt bike?

This is a common question because there are many different models and brands of skid plates available, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. It’s important to consider factors such as the type of riding you’ll be doing, the level of protection you need, and your budget when selecting a skid plate. Read more about dirt bike skid plates here.

Will a skid plate add significant weight to my dirt bike?

Weight is a concern for many dirt bike riders, as added weight can affect the bike’s handling and performance. It’s important to choose a skid plate that is made from lightweight materials to minimize the impact on the bike’s weight.

How difficult is it to install a skid plate on my dirt bike?

Many people wonder how difficult the installation process is for skid plates. Fortunately, most skid plates are designed to be easy to install, and you don’t need any special tools or skills to do it. It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s installation instructions and take your time to ensure the skid plate is properly aligned and secured.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this larger version of the Enduro Engineering skid plate is a highly-regarded accessory for dirt bike riders looking to protect their bikes from damage while off-roading. Its durable construction, easy installation process, and compatibility with a wide range of dirt bike models make it a top choice for many riders. Additionally, the skid plate has proven to perform well in a variety of off-road terrain, including rocky and muddy trails.

When choosing a skid plate, it’s important to consider your individual needs and the type of riding you’ll be doing. While the this aluminum skid plate is a great option, you can find many other brands and models on the market that may be better suited to your specific requirements. It’s also important to ensure proper installation and maintenance of your skid plate to ensure it provides maximum protection for your dirt bike.

Overall, a high-quality skid plate is an essential accessory for any serious dirt bike rider, and this one is a great option to consider for its reliability and durability.

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