Dirt Bike Graphics and Plastic Kits

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Dirt bike graphics and plastics have an important functional role, but they also freshen up the overall look of your dirt bike.

Luckily, there are many manufacturers and styles to choose from when updating your graphics and plastics. They are widely available and usually relatively cheap and easy to install yourself. Many dirt bike owners buy and replace the plastics on their new dirt bikes and store them for later. When it’s time to sell, changing back to factory plastics usually helps to sell the bike faster.

Next, we discuss the differences between factory plastics and graphics kits and aftermarket kits. We also highlight few example manufacturers and their dirt bike graphics and plastic kits.

Dirt bike on a center stand showing colorful dirt bike graphics

What Are Dirt Bike Graphics?

Dirt bike graphics kit

Dirt bike graphics kits are the thick stickers that are installed on top of the plastics. They are model specific sets that are designed to fit the exact year and model of your dirt bike.

The full sticker sets include specific ready cut stickers for the front and rear fender, front shock protectors, both side panels and air box cover as well as the front plate. In some sticker sets, you can customize the number plates on the side and front of the dirt bike with your name and or number to make them more personal.

Full custom graphics kits are also available.

Tips for Selecting the Correct Graphics Kit

When choosing the correct graphics kit, there are few important things to consider. Below is a list of few things to pay attention to when choosing the dirt bike graphics.

Check Material Thickness

Graphics are made in different thicknesses and materials. Cheap, thin stickers will not last more than few riders. The normal stickers that you get when you buy gear or bike parts are not made of the material that will last in dirt bike riding. They are mostly decorative and sure can be used in addition to the base graphics set.

The functional purpose of the graphics kit is to protect the plastics from scratches and help with controlling the friction between the rider and the dirt bike surfaces.

Confirm Graphics Kit Fitment

Make sure the dirt bike graphics kit is specifically designed for the make and year model of your dirt bike. For example, ordering a XC vs XCW graphics kit for KTM means that you get a different front plate and swing-arm stickers.

Read Reviews

Check reviews for wear and tear, installation easiness and fitment. Reviews usually help determine the overall quality of the set.

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What Are Dirt Bike Plastic Kits?

Orange dirt bike plastic kit

Dirt bike plastic kits are actual plastic parts that are installed to the dirt bike frame. They come in all colors and are covered with matching graphics kits.

Full plastic kits come with all plastic parts to completely restore the new look and feeling of the dirt bike. Installing the kit is easy and really doesn’t require any special skills. Again, plastic kits are model and year specific sets, so make sure to match the specific bike when ordering.

Tips for Selecting the Correct Plastic Kit

Higher quality plastic kits usually last longer and also have a better fitment. Here is a list of things to consider when purchasing a new dirt bike plastic kit.

Check Kit Contents

When you replace the old plastic kits, it’s always a good idea to replace all mounting bolts and installation accessories. Check if the kit comes with mounting accessories.

Check Model Specific Fitment

Same as with dirt bike graphics, make sure the plastics fit the specific year, make and model of your dirt bike. Typical model specific differences include the front plate or light configuration, swing-arm differences and the overall fitment to the frame. In different models, the mount points are different so make sure to order the correct set. You can usually buy the front plate separately or select it when checking out.

Read Reviews

Reviews usually give a good idea how well the plastics fit, how easily they break and how long they will last. A good plastic kit should last a long time in normal riding conditions, excluding crashes.

Ask Around

Talk to your riding buddies and check the quality of the plastics they use and like.

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Our Dirt Bike Graphics and Plastic Kit Recommendations

Let’s start with our choice for the plastic kit.

Our recommendation for you is the Acerbis full plastic kit. Acerbis Full Plastic Kit (click to check the current price on MotoSport.com) is durable and flexes enough to handle most crashes. It also ages well maintaining colors well and doesn’t seem to harden over time. The kit also comes with an installation kit with all required parts to replace during installation.

For the dirt bike graphics kit, we recommend shopping around. Depending on whether you are looking for factory or aftermarket, standard or custom designs, you still have plenty to choose from.

Our example bike has the following one of a kind graphics kit that is a limited edition: TLD KTM Washougal Limited Edition Graphic Kit (click to check the current price on AOMC.com). We simply love it!

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Dirt bike graphics and plastics sets are a great way to freshen the look and feel of your dirt bike. They are relatively cheap and easy to install without special tools.

Many dirt bike manufacturers release new factory racing graphics sets and offer a great selection for most common dirt bikes. For maximum effect, go for a fully custom dirt bike graphics kit and a matching plastic kit. The combinations are limitless!

Last updated: January 23, 2022