Dirt Bike Seats and Covers: a Comprehensive Guide

The dirt bike seat design, style, and seat cover materials can greatly affect the riding performance and rider comfort. The ideal seat is designed for your riding style, uses durable, high friction materials, and is comfortable.

Each riding style—single track, enduro, or motocross and other riding styles—set unique requirements for the seats. Custom seats or custom seat covers can be used to fine-tune not only the seat height but the overall fitment.

When selecting the best dirt bike seat or cover for your dirt bike and riding style, you should focus on these key factors: design and shape, grip and surface materials, and durability.

In this article, you will find answers to questions such as:

Next, we will examine all these aspects in detail. We will also help you to find the perfect seat and seat cover combinations that best fit your riding style.

A close-up view of a black dirt bike seat with white ribs

How to Choose a Dirt Bike Seat?

Most factory or stock seats usually work well for beginners.

So, if you’re a newbie on the trails and you already set up your dirt bike height and tuned the bike to your style, think of the seat as an additional option for fine-tuning the dirt bike to match your desired riding style.

In general, there are three key factors to consider when choosing a dirt bike seat:

  • design and shape
  • grip and surface materials
  • and durability

If you choose to replace your seat or the seat cover, we recommend keeping things simple. Ask yourself what you really need from your seat and go from there.

For example, if your bike is too tall for you, you can get a seat that lowers the ride height, or vice versa. Or if you keep sliding off from the seat, you can replace the seat or seat cover with one that has more grip.

1. Select a Seat Height

Let’s start with the basics.

When it comes to seat ergonomics, the very first thing you need to do is to find the correct seat height. A correctly set riding height can improve your riding performance. This is even more important in technical trail riding.

The seat can adjust the overall riding height by few inches higher or lower. By choosing the correct seat design, you can fine-tune your dirt bike to be comfortable and reach the ground properly.

A man sitting on a dirt bike with both hands on the handlebar and right foot touching the ground
The ride height is correct when you are able to touch the ground with the balls of your feet.

It’s difficult to say what your seat height should be just based on your height alone. That’s because some people have longer legs while others have taller upper bodies. The only way to find out the correct seat height is to sit on a bike and see if you can touch the ground with the balls of your feet.

General Seat Height Recommendations

Keeping that in mind, this simple seat height chart gives you a general idea of what seat height works for you. As an extra, we added our top dirt bike recommendations for each height for beginner trail riders!

Rider HeightSeat HeightBest Dirt Bike Fit
6′ (182cm) or Taller37.5″ (95cm) or HigherKTM 150 XC-W
5’10” (178cm)35 to 39″ (89 to 99cm)Husqvarna TE 150
5’8″ (172cm)34 to 38″ (86 to 96cm)Beta 200RR
5’6″ (167cm)34 to 37″ (86 to 94cm)Beta Xtrainer
5’4″ (162cm)33 to 36″ (84 to 91cm)Yamaha TT-R230
5’2″ (157cm)31 to 35″ (79 to 89cm)Honda CRF150F
General guideline for seat height vs rider height and example dirt bike

You can use this chart as a guide for what trail dirt bikes might fit you as a beginner rider. Even though it includes our top recommendations, you should definitely find out few bikes that should fit you based on the seat height and then go sit on the bikes and try them out. This way, you will find the absolute best dirt bike for you.

If the seat does not lower or raise the riding height enough to your liking, go check out our tips for lowering or adjusting the dirt bike size or ride height in our ultimate dirt bike size chart and seat height guide. In addition to explaining the correct dirt bike ride height, it will give you great tips for how to adjust the dirt bike ride height if needed.

Also, remember to set the dirt bike sag before deciding to further adjust the seat height. This is because setting the sag will affect the active ride height.

2. Choose a Seat Design and Shape

Don’t choose the seat solely based on its looks—though it’s a nice way to add a personal touch or some bling to your dirt bike. Many manufactures focus on different seat shapes or covers that just look pretty. However, these seats are not really designed for performance or comfort.

Keep in mind that you should look for a seat that is durable and works well for your riding style. It should also offer great friction or grip. Here are few additional aspects to consider.

Lower and Taller Seats

Short riders use seats with a lower profile because they are not able to touch the ground when sitting on the dirt bike. You can get a seat that lowers the ride height up to one inch, sometimes even inch and a half.

However, these seats can be a bit harder or stiffer, because they typically contain less cushion material in order to achieve a lower profile. They may become uncomfortable in some riding styles but are a great option especially for beginners instead of lowering the dirt bike. You can also consider cutting or shaving the foam insert to lower the seat profile and install a new dirt bike seat cover.

Tall seats are designed for tall people as their name suggests. If your dirt bike is slightly too low for you, replacing the seat with a tall one is a great way to get the seat height taller. The benefit of a taller seat is that it requires less energy from the rider to stand up and sit down. However, if you are not exceptionally tall, riding with a taller seat can feel awkward for your arms, so you may need taller handlebars to go with it.

Seats With Steps or Humps

Seats with steps or humps work together with the gripper material to better keep the rider in position. They are generally more popular for faster paced riding styles and motocross.

Seat humps are added pieces of foam that are positioned under the seat cover. They are designed to keep your butt exactly where you want it to be. Humps both stop you from sliding backwards and keep you stationary and more forward on the seat.

Step seats work similarly to the seat humps. They are made by cutting the foam down in the front of the seat so that they form an upward slant in the middle that holds the rider in position.

If you plan to ride technical single track, seat humps and bumps may not be ideal design to choose. This is because in trail riding, you need to move your body all the way back and forward on the seat in many common techniques. These types of seats can affect your body movement and make you lazy. Instead, consider a high grip smooth seat or a seat with strips to increase friction and still allow a great movement across the dirt bike seat.

Soft Seat Foam and Comfort Seats Offer Maximum Comfort

Soft seat foam offers added comfort and grip. In addition, softer seats are usually easier on your body. However, if the foam is too soft, it can get crushed when landing from jumps and allow you to hit the subframe. These soft seat foams are especially beneficial to riders who have suffered an injury, such as a tailbone injury, as the softer seat foam cushions the injured part.

Comfort seats are great for long days of trail riding. The maximum comfort foam and a wide shape at the rear to distribute weight provide all the comfort you need.

Some manufacturers also offer gel based lining in the seat on top of the foam material. This seems to work well and makes the seat feel very soft but still offers a great grip and support.

3. Choose the Seat Cover Material

Seat covers are another way to either improve your existing seat or match with the correct seat design. The seat cover can greatly improve the grip or friction and how easily you can slide or move on the seat. Seat covers are also a great way to extend the life of your favorite seat.

Seat covers are installed to an existing seat with staples. You simply remove the old seat cover and staple the new cover in place using the existing seat foam material.

Many stock seat covers are slippery and should be replaced with one that fits your riding style. If you’re sliding too much while riding and you want to improve the grip of your seat, you can simply replace the seat cover.

A pleated seat cover will give you more grip than your stock cover. Also, you want to look for custom dirt bike seat covers that are made of non-slip materials such as the gripper or vinyl/rubber material.

Gripper seats are designed to hold you in position and keep you from sliding back too much when accelerating and climbing vertical stuff. If your seat is slippery and you slide backwards, this transfers pressure to your arms as they attempt to hold you in place. When that happens multiple times, it can result in arm pump.

A gripper seat is great for enduro dirt biking style as you are able to twist the throttle more and grip harder with your legs. They also work well in muddy or wet conditions.

Installing a seat cover is actually quite easy. All you need is the new custom seat cover and a stapler.

4. Check for Durability

You will be dropping your dirt bike into rocks and sticks for sure. Some seat materials and covers rip easily, so durability is one aspect to consider when choosing a seat or seat cover.

Vinyl materials have been proven to be durable in most cases. Many manufacturers also have their own special durable blends that they use in their seats and seat covers. Double stitched materials are also worth to take into consideration.

Seats usually are waterproof at least to some extent, but some are definitely of a better quality than others.

If the seat gets wet and the material doesn’t hold water, the water will be absorbed by the foam. In time, this will cause the foam to get harder and break down. This usually happens if you spray the seat cover directly with the power washer when you wash your dirt bike. In stead, use a low pressure water hose, brush, and soap to wash the seat.

Some custom seat covers are more waterproof or include a plastic inner liner that keeps the water away from the foam material. When installing a custom seat covers, you can use a thin plastic film and install it under the seat cover before you staple the custom seat cover in place. This can help the foam material to last longer.

Many seat covers feature additional reinforcements that prevent knee pads from wearing out the side of the seat cover. The extra underlayer also makes the foam last longer.

A close-up of a muddy dirt bike seat with white ribs

Our Favorite Seats and Covers

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We recommend a stock style, regular seat without bumps to beginners. So if your stock seat doesn’t have the correct height and you need to replace it, you should look for a seat with smooth textured surfaces without ribs or humps.

Enduro Engineering

Enduro Engineering is a well-known brand that offers a variety of high-quality dirt bike seats. These seats are designed with the rider in mind, offering a comfortable and supportive ride for both on and off-road adventures.

The seats are made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of intense riding, and they are designed to fit a wide range of dirt bike models. Some of the features include non-slip surfaces for added grip, comfortable padding for long rides, and easy installation. With a range of options available, Enduro Engineering seats are a popular choice for dirt bike riders who demand quality and durability.

They make seats, seat covers and seat foam for Beta, KTM, GasGas, Husqvarna, Yamaha and Sherco. Check Enduro Engineering seats and prices for your ride at Amazon.com.


Acerbis is known for dirt bike parts and accessories, including dirt bike seats and covers. These seats are made from high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand the rigors of off-road riding.

Some of the features of Acerbis seats include comfortable padding for long rides, anti-slip surfaces for added grip, and easy installation. Additionally, Acerbis seats are designed to fit a wide range of dirt bike models. With their combination of style, durability, and functionality, Acerbis seats are a popular choice among dirt bike riders who want a high-quality seat that can help them perform at their best.

Acerbis offers these seats for the popular off-road models, find the perfect Acerbis seat for your ride from Amazon.com here.

Guts Racing

Another seat maker, Guts Racing is another well-known brand that specializes in offering high-quality dirt bike seats. Guts Racing seats are designed with both comfort and performance in mind, and are suitable for a variety of riding styles.

These seats are made from high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand the rigors of off-road riding. Their seats feature a range of designs and styles, including low-profile and gripper designs for added traction. They are also designed to be easy to install and fit a wide range of dirt bike models.

Guts Racing seats are a popular choice among dirt bike riders who demand both performance and comfort from their seats, and are a great option for riders looking to upgrade their bike’s seat. Check out their eBay Guts Racing Outlet store for more discounted options.

Seat Cover Recommendations

Here is a list of some popular dirt bike seat covers based on customer reviews and ratings. Here are five options that you may want to consider:

  1. Factory Effex TC4 Seat Cover
    • This is a popular seat cover that is designed to fit most dirt bike models. It is made from a high-grip material that is durable and helps to prevent slippage.
  2. MotoSeat Ribbed Traction Seat Cover
    • This seat cover is designed to provide extra grip and prevent slipping, which can be especially helpful during intense off-road riding.
  3. Acerbis X-Grip Seat Cover
    • This seat cover is made from a durable, high-quality material that is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road riding. It features a unique pattern that provides extra grip and traction.
  4. Blackbird Racing Seat Cover
    • This is a popular seat cover that is designed to fit a wide range of dirt bike models. It features a non-slip design that provides extra grip and helps to prevent sliding.
  5. SDG Innovations Gripper Seat Cover
    • This seat cover is designed to provide a high level of grip and traction, making it a popular choice among off-road riders. It is made from a durable material that can withstand the elements and the rigors of off-road riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my dirt bike seat more comfortable?

You can change the seat to more plush and softer seat, that use more cushion or softer inner materials. You can also change the internal foam by removing the seat cover and stapling it back.

What does a dirt bike seat bump do?

The seat bump helps in holding the rider in place upon hard acceleration. It can also help position the rider into the correct position and hold the rider in place in steep inclines.


The correct style dirt bike seat will improve your dirt bike riding performance in several ways.

The perfect seat height combined with a good seat design that gives you maximum support together with a gripping seat cover material will help with your riding ergonomics and keep you riding longer. Getting these things right will also make sitting down feel comfortable and not wear you out.

Finally, the dirt bike seat is a great way to style your dirt bike looks. You can also match it to the dirt bike graphics and dirt bike plastics kit to finish off an awesome looking dirt bike!

Keep you butt happy on the bike and see you on the trails!

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