How To Change Dirt Bike Tire With Tubliss

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Hands holding tire spoons to push the tire bead on the wheel while changing a dirt bike tire

Learning how to change a dirt bike tire is a great skill. It means that you don’t have to call it quits if you break your tire during a riding weekend. You can easily change a new tire at the camp—or back home if you forgot to bring a spare tire with you.

Changing a dirt bike tire is easy and it can be done in one hour or so. It involves removing the wheel off the dirt bike, carefully removing the old tire off the wheel, cleaning the wheel, mounting the fresh tire, and reinstalling the wheel on the dirt bike. The process of changing a tire with the Tubliss system is similar to when using a regular inner tube. However, there are few important things you need to know and bear in mind.

Next, we will explain the typical steps involved in performing a dirt bike tire change with a Nuetech Tubliss system installed. In addition, we will be focusing on how the Tubliss system tire change differs from a regular tire change.

Let’s get started.

Tools Needed for Changing a Dirt Bike Tire

The process to change a dirt bike tire is simple and straightforward. Below, you will find few necessary tools to successfully complete a tire change and to make sure the Tubliss system remains in good condition.

  • Wrench for removing and reinstalling the wheel
  • Tire spoons
  • Tire valve tool
  • Soap water in a spray bottle
  • Tubliss guide plate (not necessary but it makes installation easier)
  • Rim/wheel protective tape (if old one is damaged)

Thin, good-quality tire spoons make it easier to change the dirt bike tire. This is especially true with the Tubliss system, since you need to avoid pinching the inner tube. Having two smaller, thin tire spoons and a third larger tire spoon will help put the new tire in place. We listed our favorite tire spoon set below.

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Naturally, you will also need a fresh dirt bike tire. Make sure to check out our instructions for best dirt bike tires for trail riding to learn what to consider when selecting tires. You will get great tips for choosing the best tires for different terrains.

5 Steps for Changing a Dirt Bike Tire

With practice, a regular tire change should take about an hour or less. The Tubliss system adds another 15 minutes to the process, but its benefits easily out-weight the few extra steps required to install a fresh tire.

First, let’s start with some needed preparation that will make is smoother and easier to change the dirt bike tire.

Start by washing the dirt bike and placing the dirt bike on the center stand. Make sure the tire you are replacing is off the ground and can be removed. If you’re changing the front tire, place a wrench under the skid plate so that it raises the front tire off the ground. The rear tire should already be free and off the ground.

Place the new tire in the sun or somewhere warm so that the sidewall will soften. This can really help a lot in the installation process as the warmer rubber will be more pliable.

Prepare the tire changing area. If you have a tire change stand, you’re good to go. We use a stack of old tires, usually made of two or more tires, to raise the working area higher which makes the process much easier. This also works well if you need to replace the tire trail side.

Now, let’s start to change the dirt bike tire.

Step 1: Remove the Wheel off the Dirt Bike

Remove the wheel by loosening the axle nut and removing the axle. Place the axle on a clean surface and clean it well. Regrease the axle to protect it from corrosion.

Push the brake pads out using a flathead screwdriver. This makes the installation easier.

Step 2: Remove the Old Tire off the Wheel

Removing the old tire starts with deflating both the tire and the high pressure inner tube. To do this, remove the tire valves using a valve tool and let all air come out of the tire.

Next, push the tire bead off the tire. The goal is to break the bead and push it towards the center of the wheel, so that you can make more space for the tire spoons and for the tire to come off the wheel.

Next, start prying the old tire off by using the spoons next to the rim lock. Work small sections at a time, carefully placing the spoons inside avoiding pinching the Tubliss inner tube. Continue removing the bead until the wheel sits inside the tire. Turn the wheel around and complete the other side again starting next to the rim lock.

Once the wheel is completely inside the tire, push down on the tire while pulling the wheel off the tire.

Hands pulling a wheel off an old dirt bike tire while changing the tire
Once you have removed the bead on both sides and the wheel is completely inside the tire, push down on the tire and pull the wheel off the tire.

Now that we have removed the worn out tire, we can focus on the Tubliss system and check that things are ready for the new fresh tire.

A wheel with a Tubliss system removed from an old dirt bike and two tire spoons laying on the ground
After completing step 2, you have removed the old tire off the wheel.

Step 3: Clean and Inspect the Tubliss System

The Tubliss system will last a long time. When properly cleaned and installed, they live through years and several tire changes. A clean inner tube is key for a successful installation and extending the inner tube lifespan.

We recommend cleaning and washing the Tubliss system during each tire change. Typically, you will see small amounts of dirt or sand and some old rubber shavings inside the tire and on the Tubliss inner tube. Over time, this debris will cause issues.

It’s also good to notice that the tape under the inner tube needs to be checked and replaced periodically to make sure the sharp spoke ends will not puncture the inner tube filled to 100PSI.

A red Tubliss tube, a black inner tube and tire spoons laying on a ground next to the wheel and an old tire
Remove the red thick Tubliss tube and the smaller inner tube.

Remove the red thick Tubliss tube and the small inner tube. You may need to use tire spoons. Be very careful when removing it not to nick or pinch the black inner tube. Use the soap spray bottle to lube the rim for easier removal.

Once removed, give the wheel and tubes a good scrub. Inspect the red inner tape and replace if you see any issues with it. We have used a regular Gorilla or duct tape when the Tubliss rim tape is not available.

Once fully cleaned, use the soap water again and install the Tubliss system back on the wheel.

Step 4: Mount the New Fresh Tire on the Wheel

The installation process is similar to a normal tire change and how we previously removed the tire. Nuetech has a great detailed installation video on their site for the Tubliss system, so if this is your first time working with Tubliss, refer to their installation video.

Start by spraying the wheel and the Tubliss with the soap water. This will make the installation easier.

A hand pushing a wheel inside a new dirt bike tire with a rim lock
Push the wheel inside the tire with the rim lock using the backing plate as a guide.

Use the backing plate and push the wheel inside the tire with the rim lock. Use the tire spoons to slowly work the tire so that the wheel is completely inside the tire.

A wheel placed inside a new dirt bike tire but not yet properly installed
The wheel is now completely inside the tire.

Once the wheel is inside the tire, push the bead onto the wheel using the tire spoons starting next to the rim lock. Push down with your knees to ensure the tire stays near the center of the wheel to create more space for the tire to move.

A man installing a tire bead onto a wheel with tire spoons while pushing the tire down with knees
Push the bead onto the wheel using the tire spoons while pushing down with your knees.

Continue working around the tire with the spoons to push the tire bead on the wheel. Move the spoon only 1 to 2 inches at a time, when the bead is getting more stiff. Be careful not to pinch the inner tube when inserting the spoon in. Keep adding soapy water to help with the installation.

Hands holding tire spoons to push the tire bead on the dirt bike wheel
Use the tire spoons to push the tire bead on the wheel.

Repeat the procedure on the other side. The last 10 inches or so is typically the hardest to complete. Using a thin set of spoons and going small sections at a time helps with the installation. Keep using soapy water during the installation to prevent tears and pinching the inner tube.

Once you have the fresh tire installed, we need to reinstall the rim lock and lube the Tubliss system for a good seal. Start with tightening the rim lock in place. Then, use the soapy water and lather it generously around the Tubliss system, from both sides of the tire. Push the bead in and make sure you are getting the soapy water inside the tire lubing the inner tube and the red thicker layer.

Next, reinstall tire valves and inflate. We recommend first inflating the inner tube to 100PSI and then wait for any leaks. It’s normal to have some bubbling and air escaping the tire but it should settle and have no leaks after or minute or so. Then inflate the tire to 20 to 30PSI to make sure it is properly set in place an on the bead.

Step 5: Reinstall the Wheel on the Dirt Bike

Reinstall the wheel on the dirt bike. Check that the brake pads have enough space in order to make the installation easier. Don’t forget to lube the wheel axle to prevent corrosion.

Check the air pressure and adjust accordingly. The front tire typically calls for 10 to 12PSI and the rear tire around 5 to 8PSI with the Tubliss setup. The inner tube needs no less than 100PSI at all conditions. Make sure to check it before each ride day.

Now the tire change is complete!

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Few Words About the Nuetech Tubliss System

The Nuetech Tubliss is one of the options to increase traction and prevent flats. If you are unfamiliar with the Tubliss system, it’s definitely worth looking into. The system is very reliable and easy to install, while it still keeps the tire changing process easy.

Tubliss System
Nuetech Tubliss System


Riding dirt bikes on a single track means that you frequently need to change your dirt bike tire. Most rear tires wear out around 50 hours or under depending on the rubber compound.

Learning the correct techniques and methods will help with the tire changing process. More over, they will help you perform tire maintenance even out on the trails when needed.

Don’t let the Tubliss or Mousse system slow you down when you change the dirt bike tire. They both have their quirks but after some practice, you will be able to change your tires in under an hour without damaging the inner tubes.

Now, let’s get shredding!

Last updated: May 20, 2022