5 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults

In recent few years the electrification boom has picked up more momentum in the dirt bike industry. Electric dirt bikes are more and more popular as major brands are jumping to the growing market.

In short, you can find several different styles of electric dirt bikes for adults. Full size models are closer to gas versions and hybrid models, that are more lightweight and resemble a mix between mountain bikes and dirt bikes.

I have tested several of the new electric models out there and handpicked the best models for adult offroad riders. I mostly ride single track, woods and trail riding and also hard enduro style racing.

You may ask yourself, which electric dirt bike model is best for me? It depends.

At this time, if you want to stick with the familiar full size frame, go with the KTM Freeride E-XC. Undoubtedly, this is as close to a gas dirt bike out there right now. And it absolutely can take you where you want to go without any issues.

For nearby trail riding, I would choose either the Cake Kalk or the Surron X (read my review here). They both have excellent form factor and chassis design and they feel mostly like riding a full size dirt bike.

Generally speaking, these manufacturers are ahead of the others right now. They seem to have the popularity and parts availability and likely to survive the next wave of competitors.

Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults

In summary, the selection for adults is very good. You have plenty of models and brands to choose from. Here are the best 5 models out there:

1. Surron X

Surron has developed a lightweight electric dirt bike in the lower price category. We predict this being a very popular model. This is largely because of the quality and because it is a relatively cheap option for adults. It is also sold as Segway X260.

The Surron X is widely popular and for a reason. It has lots of aftermarket parts and customizations available and is easy to find second-hand. Read our hands-on review of the Surron X here.

Surron X on a bridge. Winner of the title for best electric dirt bikes for adults.
Surron X is a widely popular electric version best described as a hybrid dirt bike for adult riders
Power3kW, Peak Power: 6kW
Torque35.40Nm (motor axle)
Range20 to 60 miles per charge
Charge2.5 to 3.5 Hours
Surron X technical specifications

2. KTM Freeride E-XC

KTM is heavily betting on the electric revolution. The full size KTM electric dirt bike fits under their long lasting Freeride category. Previously, this model was available as a gas powered low tuned model for beginner riders.

KTM Freeride with its full size frame design
KTM Freeride is a great choice from a leading manufacturer in the full size dirt bike category.
Power9kW (12 hp), peak Power: 18kW (24.5 hp)
Torque42Nm (motor axle)
Range20 miles
Charge110 minutes to full, 75 minutes to 80%
KTM Freeride technical specifications

3. Beta Explorer

Beta has rushed into the electric model market with a brand new model, Explorer. This new model matches well with the same category lightweight models.

Beta is known for using great components and so far it looks like this model does not disappoint. Read more on my first impressions of Beta Explorer here.

The all new 2024 Beta Explorer standing on a factory floor
PowerPeak Power: 12.5kW
RangeSpeed One: 50-100 Miles, Speed Two: 30-60 Miles
Charge2-3 Hours (Standard 115v outlet)
Beta Explorer technical details

4. Cake Kalk

The Swedish manufacturer has been in the electric dirt bike market for quite some time. And it seems they have perfected the models to dirt riding. Furthermore, they offer several models to choose from and have great parts and aftermarket tuning availability.

Cake Kalk side view with gray background
Kalk OR Race model has excellent power, torque, and range.

Cake has chosen to use a lighter, more hybrid frame size rather than full size dirt bike frame. Note that they offer several different sub-models and variations.

Kalk OR is premium level choice for adult riders. They clearly went for higher quality components and are betting on the high end markets. I would choose the KTM Freeride under this category simply for aftermarket parts availability and customization options alone. But it sure is prettiest of the list by far!

Price$11,000 to $14,000
Power5.8kW, peak Power: 11kW
Torque42Nm (motor axle)
Range1 to 3 hours depending ride mode
Charge3 hours to full, 2 hours to 80%
Cake Kalk technical specifications

5. Oset 24.0 Racing

Oset is an alternative style option for adult trials riders. The Oset line up is geared for trials style riders and this 24.0 model is their adult version. Many dirt bike riders begin via trials and still practice using them to hone out skills. The electric model makes this easier, as you can practice in your backyard or a driveway practically noise free.

Oset 24.0 Racing, a trials style electric dirt bike
Oset offers a 24″ wheel size trials electric option for adult riders.
Range2 hours
Charge2 hours
Oset 24.0 Racing technical details


The adult electric dirt bikes are here to stay! Adult riders are swarming the electric models and I have to say, for a good reason. These dirt bikes are getting better each year and soon will overtake their gas counterparts.

The lower maintenance requirements, silent ride and clutch-less operation is very appealing to many riders out there and as the range increases, so does the popularity.

The future is electric!

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