30 Dirt Bike Gifts Every Rider Will Want

Coming up with gift ideas can be challenging and hard sometimes.

If you are looking for a present for your husband, boyfriend, dad, or friend who is a dirt bike rider, what could be a better present than dirt bike gifts? There’s no such thing as too many dirt bike apparel or gear, so a dirt bike themed gift will surely be a hit.

A perfect dirt bike gift is thoughtful and useful. It can be something that you as the gift giver can enjoy too or something that the recipient of the gift can use when they go riding. Dirt biking gifts are perfect also for female riders such as your wife, girlfriend, or sister if you’r looking for a birthday present, Christmas gifts, or stocking stuffers.

In this comprehensive guide to dirt bike gifts, we gathered the very best dirt biking gifts every rider will like and that are on their wish list. Some of these gifts might seem unusual to you, but trust us, they are things that every dirt bike rider will need. Keep reading and find out the perfect gifts for dirt bike riders for every occasion, such as Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day, and every budget!

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Dirt bike gifts, such as goggles, riding jerseys, and hydration pack, laid on top of a bench

1. Pit Mat

This dirt bike gift idea is very functional as well as a good fit for all dirt bike riders. A pit mat helps when putting gear and boots on as the rider can stand on the mat and not get their gear and socks dirty while dressing up. It can also be used in the garage or trailside when it’s time to work on the dirt bike. These pit mats help prevent losing dropped nuts and bolts and prevent oil and gas leakages reaching the garage floor or ground. Some riding locations even require pit maps to be used when working on the dirt bike or gassing up. All in all, this dirt bike gift is a must for all riders.

Gift budget: around $25 and up.

2. Muffler Exhaust Wash Plug

This dirt biking gift doesn’t necessary sound very sexy, but trust us, it’s something that all dirt bike riders need. When hauling or washing the dirt bike, one should use a plug for the exhaust muffler. It makes a great option for dirt bike gifts.

The plug effectively prevents dust, dirt, moisture, and water from entering the exhaust system. And it doesn’t matter if your dirt biking friend already has one: these things are easy to lose, so it’s good to have one or too in store. For that reason, we recommend buying a set and getting one with a keychain or similar flag that reminds to remove the plug as it is very easy to forget to remove it before starring the dirt bike.

Gift budget: around $10

3. Remove Before Flight Keychain

Another cool and affordable dirt bike gifts related idea is a “remove before flight” tag or keychain. These tags or keychains can be attached to keys, exhaust plug, fork bleeders, tire pressure gauge, or anything the rider needs to remember to check before taking off to the trails. This is another item that tends to disappear so your dirt bike riding friend surely appreciates getting a set as a gift.

Gift budget: around $10

4. Tie-Down Straps with Soft Loops

This dirt bike gift idea is another item that dirt bike riders can never have too many in their repertoire. Tie-down straps with soft loops are used when tying down the dirt bike without damaging the connection points on the dirt bike. Dirt bike riders use them every time they go out riding and haul their dirt bike so these things tend to wear out and sometimes even get lost. So this is again one of the practical gifts for motocross and gifts for dirt bike riders all can appreciate.

Gift budget: around $35

5. Fork Saver

Another practical gift for dirt bike riders is a fork saver that is used when loading the dirt bike for transportation. The fork saver is placed on top of the front tire when tying down the dirt bike and it effectively prevents the front suspension from compressing and causing issues, such as leaking front forks. Since not many riders have a fork saver in the first place, this dirt bike gift will be a great a surprise and really a must-have item for all dirt bike riders.

Gift budget: around $25

6. Tool Box

Riding dirt bikes means constantly adjusting, tuning, repairing, and doing maintenance. So what would be a better gift for a dirt biker than a tool box! Keeping essential tools organized and available for any trailside maintenance or repairs can save their ride day. And you don’t need to worry if your dirt biking friend already has one in his or her garage: a small trailside toolbox is always welcomed addition to the family.

Gift budget: around $30

7. Floor Air Pump

A floor air pump also falls into the category of practical dirt bike gifts. Checking tire pressure and adjusting it for the track or trail is a must before each riding day. In most cases, this happens right before taking off to the trails, so having a good floor air pump is important for all dirt bike riders. Many dirt bikers only have an air compressor in their garage so a floor air pump to take with to the trails makes a great gift. Make sure to get one of these bigger floor pumps that goes up to 160PSI, which is required for Tubliss installed wheels and tires.

Gift budget: around $30

8. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Another must for all dirt bike riders is an easy to use and accurate digital air pressure gauge. You can’t go wrong with this gift: it doesn’t matter if your dirt biking friend already has one because it’s good to have couple of these around. This way, one of them can always stay in the truck or dirt bike gear bag and be always at hand trailside. We have personally used this exact JACO ElitePro digital tire pressure gauge for the past four years without any issues. It measures up to 200PSI, which is needed if running the Tubliss high pressure inner bladder in the tires. This is one of the greatest practical dirt bike gifts that will last for many years to come!

Gift budget: around $30

9. Easy Lift Dirt Bike Stand

Lifting a dirt bike on the center stand is not the easiest task even for the strongest of the riders, not to mention the more petite female riders. An easy lift center stand does all the heavy lifting for the dirt biker and they don’t need to worry about breaking their back before going riding. Sounds pretty good to us! Most dirt bike riders have a normal fixed stand so you don’t need to worry about buying something that doesn’t have a use. In general, this is a great dirt bike gifts idea for all riders but especially for female riders.

Gift budget: around $70

10. Dirt Bike Washing and Detailing Kit

Washing the dirt bike is a job that takes place very frequently—and frankly, many riders do not enjoy it at all. Therefore, anything that makes washing faster and easier is a great gift for dirt bike riders. And having the best tools to knock out the dirt and grime will guaranteed bring a smile to a dirt biker’s face! We recommend getting a detailing kit that includes several different types of brush heads that will be connected to a power drill, plus hand brushes and smaller tools to clean hard to reach places. If your dirt biking friend doesn’t have a power drill, check these other detailing kits here.

Gift budget: around $20

11. Custom Graphics Kit

Dirt bike riders mostly concentrate on fixing the essential parts of the bike (and spend big bucks in doing so). That’s why getting a new graphics kit is not necessarily the first thing in their mind. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to get one as a gift! A dirt bike graphics kit is actually one of the most popular dirt bike gifts ideas out there. If you are looking for a personalized motocross gifts, choose a cool looking graphics kit and add his or her race number and name to make it unique and stand out! Be sure to check the fitment, as these are specific to year, make, and model of the dirt bike. Check out our detailed guide to dirt bike graphics here.

Gift budget: around $150 and up

12. Dirt Bike Rim Tape

Another great gift for personalizing the dirt bike is a rim tape. It is used for bringing a pop of color to the side of the wheels and these stickers also help protecting the rim and keeping mud and grime from sticking to the wheels. Again, this item is a great gift because it is not the first on dirt biker’s own shopping list, however, it will be a pleasant surprise when opening the gift! You can choose among several colors to match the graphics or color scheme of your friend’s dirt bike.

Gift budget: around $25

13. Magazine Subscription

A 12-month magazine subscription is an oldie but a goldie gift idea for dirt bike riders. It’s like getting a new gift delivered to your doorstep every month or several times a year depending on the subscription. What’s great about dirt bike magazines is that they don’t really get old so they can be collected and read over and over again—also by you as the gift giver if you live in the same household. And eventually, they can be given to another dirt bike enthusiast who will also appreciate them. Our favorite reads for those who enjoy dirt bike riding are Dirt Bike and Motocross Action Magazine. In addition, you can find several other dirt bike and motocross magazine subscriptions on Amazon for a fairly cheap price.

Gift budget: around $25

14. Supercross Tickets

Now who wouldn’t like to go and watch live how the pros do it? Getting Supercross tickets for a motocross or dirt bike rider is a classic gift. The Supercross event is a day-long experience during which you can visit the pits prior to racing and watch the qualifiers for all classes. The main event itself runs for 20 minutes for the 450 class and 15 minutes for the 250 class. The annual Supercross series runs between January and May each year and visits multiple locations across the U.S. so check for the closest location and go for it! You can buy tickets to both you and your dirt biking friend or if you’re not super interested in spending the day in exhaust fumes, you can gift two tickets so that he or she can go with a friend.

Gift budget: average ticket price is $75

15. Hotel Booking for a Ride Weekend

Not all riding locations are conveniently located close by so sometimes dirt bikers need to spend a night out of town—often camping. You can make the ride weekend special for both the dirt bike rider and you by booking a hotel for a night or two at the nearest hotel to the riding spot and spend some quality time together. This way, also you get to enjoy the gift and show your dirt biker that you support them in what they do. This is a great dirt bike gift especially for a husband or boyfriend.

Gift budget: around $100 and up

16. Gift Card

Getting riding gear as a gift for a dirt bike rider is both a good and bad idea. It’s a good idea because riding gear tend to wear out real quick and for example riding jerseys and pants get ripped on a regular basis. Then again, it’s a bad idea firstly because riders can be real picky of their riding gear (brands, models, materials, etc.) and secondly, there’s nothing more important than finding a correct size and good fit. So, gifting something simple as goggles may not be the best idea, simply because they need to fit the rider well and also together with other gear, in this example the helmet.

However, if you regardless choose to buy gear, make sure that the recipient of the gift can send it back free and exchange it for the correct size. You can also play a detective and find out the size and favorite brand to increase the chances for a good fit. Another option—which we highly recommend—is to get a gift card. Gift cards work well for clothes, riding gear, plus protective gear, such as pads, boots, helmets, and so on. If you are unsure exactly what to buy or about the sizing, a gift card is your best and safest choice. Our favorite gift cards for dirt bike riders are a visa gift card or a gift card for Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

Gift budget: around $50 and up

17. Dirt Bike Hoodie

Jumping into a dry, warm hoodie after a rough riding day feels comfy. And let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as too many hoodies. So why not get a dirt bike themed hoodie as a gift for a dirt bike rider! Personalize a hoodie just for your special dirt biker or choose one from his or hers favorite dirt bike brand. Funny dirt bike themed slogans are always much appreciated among dirt bike riders.

Gift budget: around $35

18. Dirt Bike Hat

Dirt bike riders love their apparel and accessories. We mean they really LOVE them. So, another great dirt bike gifts idea is a trucker hat with a slogan that they can wear after a riding day or whenever they need to shade their heads. Dirt bike riders love hats with a statement—the wittier the better—or showing love to their favorite brands.

Gift budget: around $25

19. Trailside Sunglasses

Trailside sunglasses are currently very fashionable and a common sight both trackside and trailside. So if you want to go with a trendy dirt bike gift, this is it! It makes a great dirt bike gifts option for many fashionable riders out there.

These type of sunglasses cover much of the face similarly to dirt bike goggles and are very effective blocking dust and sun when watching friends riding or just chilling out by the fire after a ride day. There are many lens colors to choose from for that perfect mirrored look. You can’t go wrong with this dirt biking gift!

Gift budget: around $25

20. Hydration Pack

There’s nothing more important than staying hydrated when riding dirt bikes and carrying water on the trails is not always easy. That’s why a proper hydration pack that is comfortable and easy to use is a perfect dirt bike gift! This is again an item with which you don’t need to worry if your special dirt bike rider already has one. Hydration packs tend to break and wear out with time so it needs to be replaced at some point anyway. You have a back pack version and a waist belt style option to choose from—both are good gifts! You can find our absolute favorite below and check our other recommendations for best dirt bike backpacks here.

Gift budget: around $50 and up

21. Hydration and Electrolyte Drink Tablets

This is a great dirt biking gift on its own or paired with a hydration pack. Why you ask? Staying hydrated is important when riding on dirt bikes, however, drinking only water may lead to cramping and dehydration, especially in hot conditions. And there’s no better way to replenish electrolytes while riding than adding hydration tablets to the hydration pack. There is just no way this gift will not be used and appreciated!

Gift budget: around $20

22. Dirt Bike Radio

Now this is another great dirt bike gift especially for all dirt bikers who are into trail riding and enduro. Having an easy way to communicate back to camp and to other riders is important because mobile phones cannot be used as the main communication method due to the lack of cell coverage. That’s where walkie talkies or dirt bike radios come into the picture. What’s great about this gift idea is that not many dirt bike riders have walkie talkies so it will be a great surprise to get one as a gift. And it will definitely be appreciated and used on a regular basis! The dirt bike radio below is our winning choice simply because of the durability and ease of use.

Gift budget: around $30

23. High Visibility Headlight

This is another practical gift that is a good fit for all dirt bike riders. Let us explain why. Stock headlights are not that great in most dirt bikes. So, a dirt biker who rides on trails and wishes to extend ride times later to the evenings will absolutely need an aftermarket high visibility headlight. Not many dirt bike riders have one, which makes this a great and welcomed gift. These headlights are year, model, and make specific, so make sure to check the fitment first.

Gift budget: around $100

24. Dirt Bike Boot Dryer

All dirt bikers can agree that there’s nothing worse than wearing wet riding boots. And the hard cold truth is that dirt bike boots get wet very easily and it takes ages for them to air dry. So what would be better than a gift of dry feet? Just thinking about a boot dryer brings a smile to a dirt biker’s face. These new-type boot dryers are dead quiet, work very well, and most importantly do not shrink the boots. If your special dirt biker does not yet have one, look no further. This is another must-have item on any dirt bike rider’s gift list!

Gift budget: around $35

25. Waterproof Socks

What’s even worse than wet riding boots? Wet socks inside those wet boots! Most dirt bike boots are not waterproof so waterproof socks are the only way to keep one’s feet dry. This makes a great and easy dirt bike gift idea that keeps on giving. Also, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers, it doesn’t get more traditional than socks!

Gift budget: around $20

26. Goggle Tear-Offs

As the name suggests, dirt bike riding happens mostly around dirt and mud. Therefore, it’s inevitable that the goggles get dirty and there’s no easy way to clean the goggles when riding on the bike. That’s when the tear-offs come in handy. These tear-offs are installed on top of the goggle lenses and are torn off when needed to clear the field of vision. They are a clever gift especially for motocross and dirt bike racers. The tear-offs come in different sizes, so check the proper fitment with the goggles of your special dirt biker.

Gift budget: around $15

27. Gear Bag

Dirt bike riding involves a lot of gear that needs to be hauled back and forth all the time. So if your dirt biker has his or her gear stuffed into an old duffel bag or similar or laying all over the truck, a nice gear bag will be a great gift. With a large gear bag, hauling gear becomes easy—and finding all the riding gear will be a piece of cake when they are organized in several compartments. This is one of the dirt bike gifts that will be in regular use.

Gift budget: around $50 to $100

28. Action Camera

An action camera is guaranteed the best gift you can give to a dirt bike rider. Have you seen the ultra smooth rider videos out there? They all use the video stabilized technology and GoPro is one of the best brands that action sport riders use and you can’t go wrong with it. You can also opt for a more budget friendly option, such as Akaso V50 Pro, which is ranked as one of the best GoPro alternatives. This is not the cheapest of all presents but definitely one that makes your dirt bike rider jump for joy!

Gift budget: $100 to $500

29. Training Course

Another great and unexpected dirt bike gift is to gift out a dirt bike training or coaching course. Because what’s not to like in learning how to ride better and faster! Find a local dirt bike coach or sign your dirt biker friend up to ride with celebrities like Graham Jarvis! They frequently keep coaching tours around the world. Here are few dirt bike coaching companies we personally know and can recommend:

Maxoff-road.com — Max runs highly personalized and tailored dirt bike training plans from beginners to pro level riders. He is based out of Arizona and travels around the U.S. for races and trainings.

Peter Murray Moto School — Peter’s training philosophy can be summarized to “training with a goal in mind”. This Austin Texas based dirt bike training school is great for beginners and up.

Gift budget: around $150 and up

30. DirtDate App

This is a perfect gift for all motocross and dirt bike riders. And the best part is that it’s free! The fact is that dirt bike riding is much more fun when done with friends. But where to find those riding buddies and new riding spots especially as a beginner? DirtDate is a new app that helps with all that. Giving a free app as a gift requires some creativity: make your own “gift card” and fill it out with all the details. Then your dirt biker friend can upload the free account and build his or her own dirt bike profile in the app and start finding new riding spots and riding buddies. This dirt bike gift will surely be appreciated!

Gift budget: free

A screen shot of a DirtDate app showing rider profiles


In addition to few experience gifts, we compiled this list of dirt bike gifts with apparel and gear that are actually very useful to dirt bike riders—things that will last for many years to come. Some of them might seem out of the ordinary to you, but trust us, they are gifts that every dirt bike rider will need and love.

We hope that these dirt bike gift ideas inspired you to find the perfect and unique dirt bike gift idea that you were looking for. You can also mix and match these gift ideas to create the perfect gift combo for your dirt biking friend. A gift with a thought behind it is all that’s needed. Happy gift-giving!

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